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May 7, 2005

PalmOne hard-drive-based handheld on horizon

PalmOne plans to announce later this month its first hard-drive-based product line, broadening its device portfolio and leading another trend in the handheld market.

The No. 1 handheld maker will introduce LifeDrive Mobile Manager on May 18, according to sources familiar with the company's plans. The $499 device will come with a 4GB Hitachi Microdrive and two flavors of wireless networking--Bluetooth and 802.11b Wi-Fi.

Source: C|Net

They call it an iPod killer. I can't wait to see it, but i think it is too little too late for PalmOne.

That syncing feeling

Even if I can probably count on one hand the number of people I know who still use a PDA, I’m not ashamed to say that I’m a Palm user. For the longest time, I used the company’s Palm Desktop software. But about a year ago, I switched to iCal and Address Book—while jumping to Mark/Space’s Missing Sync For Palm OS as a replacement for the Palm HotSync Manager—because Palm Desktop was old and messy, and I really enjoyed the speed and integration of Apple’s calendar and contact applications. And thanks to Apple’s free iSync Palm Conduit, I could synchronize iCal and Address Book info with my Palm.
Macworld Editors' Note Weblog

I would have to agree. I really do like Missing Sync. It is so much better. I only came to this conclusion recently, but all the same. If there was going to be one problem with moving to Tiger, I would have put money on Palm syncing to break. This is the main reason I have not upgraded to Tiger on my main hard drive yet.

I also did not know there is a new iSync conduit in iSync 2. That was helpful to know.

February 26, 2005

The Missing Sync 4.0 first look

My T3 is dead.

Yesterday was not a good day for my Tungsten T3. I went to add an appointment at about 5 PM and it was dead. It had a fairly full battery that morning. I really did not think much of this as the battery has drained before and all I had to do was charge it to continue using it.

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February 24, 2005

PalmSource switching from HotSync to SyncML

This is gonna be really good news for anyone who has a Palm but not a PC—PalmSource is abandoning HotSync, the synchronization software they’ve been using for years and years, and replacing it with SyncML, a more open sync standard that should make it easier to build software for syncing Palms with computers running on other operating systems besides Windows. PalmSource pissed off a lot of Apple types when they announced last year that they were dropping support for Macs in Cobalt, the next version of the Palm operating system, and this seems more or less like their way of offering a compromise.
Source: Engadget

HotSync is a piece of crap on the Mac, in my opinion. BackupBuddy is a prime example of this. This is great news for the guture of PalmSource and PalmOne. I am not planning on moving away from my Tungsten T3 any time in the near future (my favorite PDA to date) but its still great to hear they are looking to new technologies for syncing.

December 8, 2004

Agendus 9 released

Iambic just released Agendus 9. I just bought Agendus 8 in August, there is no way I am paying $9.95 for the upgrade.

I upgraded from Agendus 5 to 8, which was a substantial upgrade. I did this mainly for support for my Tungsten T3 then for the added feature set.

Agendus 8 is great, and I do really like the new features from version 5. It is much better then the built in PIM apps. I cannot go back to the built in address book after using Agendus for so long.

November 8, 2004

PalmOne ponders Microsoft, Linux options

Handheld-computer maker PalmOne is considering moves that would take it beyond the operating system that helped make the company a household name.

The Milpitas, Calif.-based firm has evaluated both Microsoft-based operating systems as well as at least one version of Linux as a potential alternative operating system to the Palm OS for its handheld devices, CNET has learned.

Source: C|Net

This does not fair well to the spin off PalmSource, or for that matter the Mac Community. Sure there are tools for OS X to use Pocket PC based PDAs, but its not the same as using the Palm OS.

July 9, 2004

palmOne introduces new resource center for Mac users

palmOne Inc. on Wednesday will introduce a new resource center to help Mac users get the most out of their handhelds and smartphones. The Web site will feature tips on wireless connectivity, an array of photo album opportunities and other resources, according to the company. Source: MacCentral It is nice to see that palmOne still publicly supports the Mac. In the past few months/years it has been rumored many times that plamOne will drop Mac support. This new site has great info. I am really glad to see this site.

June 13, 2004

Are PDAs Simply Finished?

After Sony's sudden plan to discontinue the Clie and pull out of the American PDA market, many industry observers have increased their speculation about the demise of the PDA, in general. The Japanese electronics giant was defeated in the American market by increased competition and an industry-wide decline in PDA sales. Sony said that it would continue to market its PDAs in Japan where there is less competition. So, where does this leave the U.S. PDA market? Palm, with its Zire line of PDAs, is an example of a company which is still offering a PDA in great demand. Source: News I do not think PDA's are 'finished' though. You can keep a PDA longer then a computer, they do not loose their value as quickly. It will be a few years before my T3 needs replacing. It is more then fast enough to open PDF and Word files, not to mention its a pretty mean mobile gaming system. The market in the US is getting saturated though, that is for sure. I was gonna post about this when Sony made their announcement, but I did not want to sound like a Palm fanboy. PalmOne sells because they are cheap and they have very well designed hardware. Sony - on the other hand - has very exotic designed hardware that is very pricey and has nothing over what PalmOne offers. Maybe that is why Sony pulled out of the US PDA market. Every time I bought a new PDA I looked at buying a Sony. I ended up buying a Palm every single time. Sony is Sony, they are going to be expensive. I don't want to pay $600 for a top of the line PDA, Palm's top of the line (the Tungsten T3 and C) are $400. Thats a big difference in price, and no difference in features. You do the math.

February 27, 2004

30 Free ZLauncher Skins

Some time ago on the Brighthand forums someone posted a link to some great free ZLauncher skins. The skins are no longer online, but I have them for you: ZLauncher Skins (3 MB zip) The best part are they are all Tungsten T3 (320x480) compatible. If you are a Bringhthand member, you might have noticed I posted these already, but forgot to post them here on my blog.

November 20, 2003

Palm Keyboard & The Mac

I recently wrote about this with regard to problems I was having sync'ing in Panther. As it turns out it has nothing to do with Panther, but it is important enough to devote a separate post to it.

If you use a Mac *cheers* and you have one of the many Palm Keyboards (I have the 1st party Thin Palm Keyboard) then you need to disable the keyboard before you can HotSync to your Mac. This problem does not exist in Windows. We are so lucky.

You need to remember to go into the Keyboard app (on your Palm) and un check "Enable Keyboard." Now HotSync is possible. This is annoying, because when I want to use my keyboard, I have to remember to enable it again.

The way I understand it, the Palm cannot talk to the Mac, and the Palm Keyboard at once, or simply it cannot talk to two I/O devices if one of those devices is a Mac.

What really chaps me is the fact that I spent many phone calls to Palm Tech. Support, well over 3 hours with Level 1 Tech's and none of them bothered to ask if I had a keyboard, they all knew I had a Mac, you key that in when you make the call. The last Level 1 tech. I talked to finally had me talk to a Level 2 tech. Barbara D. called me Monday morning (I had talked to the Level 1 tech. on Saturday) and within a half hour I was syncing (in Panther no less) because she quickly after trying to get me to sync with fail, asked me if I had a keyboard for my Palm.

I am not disrespecting Palm Tech. Support. Palm, like Apple, in my experience, have very very good technicians manning the phones. I find that it sometimes takes talking to a couple different techs. to get a clear or corroborating answer, but that is something that is not unique to any tech. support department I have dealt with.

For a number of days Palm was not supporting Panther, Barbara D. told me that just recently they officially support Panther, and the word had not gotten around to all the techs. yet. (When an OS is not supported, the techs. will not help you).

OK, I have gone off on a small tangent, but it was related :-P.

If this issue is readily discovered and fixed by a Level 2 tech. then I would think the Level 1 techs. should be made aware of it. That, and there should be a FAQ page about it on the PalmOne Support Site.

November 14, 2003

Tungsten T3 Screen Protector

The Tungsten T3's screen is a wee bit bigger then the Tungsten T/T2 screen. Of course it is. So my T2 screen protectors will not work with it. And the T3 is so new, it is almost impossible to find screen protectors for it. I found some from this Hong Kong based company, and they are not cheap! I thought the package would have 3 screen protectors, after all it is $9 USD. Nope, you get one protector for $9 + $3 shipping. But it is important to have your screen protected. It just comes at a price. I have not seen any other T3 screen protectors out yet either. I am sure there will be other vendors, just not at the moment. I bought these things almost 2 weeks ago, and just got them this week. So I am sure other vendors have them by now.

Palm After Panther

I really wish that Palm would release a Panther fix for HotSync'ing. It is really annoying not being able to sync in Panther. Until then I have installed Jaguar on a FireWire drive. I installed Palm Desktop 4.1, then went to install the iSync Palm Conduit only to find out I did not have iSync installed. I download iSync, only to find out that I need iCal 1.5.1 installed first.... So now I finally have everything installed in Jaguar. Now it is time to install the things I wanted to install but could not because of Panther. Mainly ZLauncher and FileMaker Mobile. But before I do that I need to install the Tungsten T3 ROM update. The ROM update whipes the entire PDA, of course. Palm also says to format any SD cards too. So now I go and backup the stuff on my SD card. Oh, yea, I forgot to mention. I got rid of my T2 shortly after buying it and got a T3. I just could not resist. and fell to temptation. If you were not aware I am a spoiled little bitch, after all (at least that is what Jake keeps calling me). I have got to do something with that domain yet, I just have not had the time. The T3 ROM update went fine, I have not noticed much of a difference. And I must say that ZLauncher is one fine launcher. I used to use HandScape Pro, but it does not even support the resolution of the Tungsten, much less the T3. ZLauncher looks great on the T3.

October 28, 2003

Palm Problems in Panther, Part 2

I called Palm about this Panther Problem(tm). The tech. said they do not support Panther yet. So the wishy washy reports of people both being able to use, and not use HotSync are not even open to discussion with the Palm techs. When I started using Panther, HotSync worked. Now its a no go. I was smart enough to make a backup of my 10.2.8 drive though, thanks to Carbon Copy Cloner. I now have that running on one of my bus powered FireWire drives, and am using that to sync my Palm. For the time being I am only concerned about sync'ing my FileMaker Pro files. So this will do. Lets hope that Palm has a Panther Solution(tm) soon!

October 27, 2003

Palm Problems in Panther

After installing Panther and restarting you will see this error message if you have Palm Desktop installed. MacFixIt has a report on this as well. You need to take Transport Monitor out of your login items. Reinstall Palm Desktop 4.1 (which may or may not work, I have found this to be rather iffy). I was about to sync my Palm fine until yesterday. Now I cannot sync at all. I have read that if I copy my support files from Jaguar it will work. I have also read that that solution has not worked for some. It is basicly a crap shoot. And there is no word from Palm as of yet. I am trying to call their tech. support but I keep getting a 15 minute wait time.

June 3, 2003

Agendus 6

I upgraded from Action Names to Agendus 6 (the software changed names, added features). My upgrade was $7.50. The upgrade was $10 but I got 25% off in an email from iambic. I can't say enough about the upgrade cost of Palm OS software. It is a pretty big upgrade feature wise to boot! They added a "Today" screen ala Pocket PC 2002. If you still use the built in Address Book and Date Book apps you should check out Agendus 6!

March 18, 2003

AvantGo causes blue screen

This is not the BSOD in XP is it? Well I have never seen an XP BSOD or this screen. but after I rebooted I got these error messages, I am hoping someone can explain what they mean. This machine seemed to have recovered just fine. The problem was caused when syncing my Palm m505 right when the AvantGo sync started. all of a sudden that blue screen shows up. I rebooted and got those error messages. Then I tried to sync everything again and it worked fine. this is the first *major* problem I have had. And it was not that major at all.

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