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February 21, 2008

Introducing Snap Shots from

You may remember I had Snap Shots installed a little while ago. Well their service is a lot better now. So I am re-introducing it here today.

I just installed a nice little tool on this site called Snap Shots that enhances links with visual previews of the destination site, interactive excerpts of Wikipedia articles, MySpace profiles, IMDb profiles and Amazon products, display inline videos, RSS, MP3s, photos, stock charts and more.

Sometimes Snap Shots bring you the information you need, without your having to leave the site, while other times it lets you "look ahead," before deciding if you want to follow a link or not.

Should you decide this is not for you, just click the Options icon in the upper right corner of the Snap Shot and opt-out.

February 19, 2008

New Look For Breaking Windows

Yes, I finally got sick and tired of the default MT3 theme, and more importantly, found some "free time" to modify the theme with my own graphics.  Hope you like it.

For those wondering, the red image behind the blog name is part of a piece of artwork I made some eight (!) years ago when I was creaing fine art, instead of the commercial art that I create these days.

I also added the "Social Networking" block in the right-hand column. I will be expanding that. I looked at Action Streams look really cool, they are a lot of work to setup. And while I have a couple hours to devite to changing the graphics of the skin, I don't have time to upgrade to MT4, plus right now I do not see the benefit.

I do have some more additions to make to the blog, and will post more once I have time to add them. 

January 20, 2008

Mac Headlines via prMac

If you look to the right column, right below the widget for the Multiplayer Chat radio show, you will see a new listing for Mac Headlines. I just installed these today.

Am I making any money from this? Nope, just displaying Mac headlines because I like reading Mac headlines. If you do too, then check them out!

January 3, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday Breaking Windows!

Keen readers will notice I added the monthly archives back to the home page. Yep, I have been publishing here since January, 2003. Matt started to contribute soon after.

No joke, the first post, dated January 1, 2003, is titled "What is this blog." Wow do those early posts look bad. We sure have come a long way in five years.

What started out as an experiment of a Mac user using a Windows workstation for creative and web work (that failed) turned into a blog on technology, gaming, and, just about anything we want to rant about. It has been great fun.

This also means I have been using Movable Type for five years now, and MT has also changed quite a bit. It is pretty cool having a blog for five years.

I did some (minor) updating for the splendid occasion. "Recent Posts" now shows up on the article pages, and monthly archives is back on the home page. I said it was minor. OH! I also set it to display 15 posts on the home page, instead of 10.

July 28, 2007

New Feature: Rapid Reviews

I play a lot of video games. So does Matt. We obviously do not review every one. To add a bit of exclusive content back to my blog, today I am introducing Rapid Reviews. The format will consist of three paragraph: What Rocked; What Sucked; Recommendation.

Pretty simple, rapid, if you will.

July 11, 2007

We Are Back, Now with 100% More Commenting Opportunities

Sorry it took so long for me to get the domain switched over. That little thing called work has been getting in the way lately.

At any rate, we are back at our wonderful domain. And if you did not notice when I temporarily moved the blog to, comments are again turned ON.

So comment away. You just need TypeKey. It is the only way to (try) and keep the spam comments at bay. I may look into a CAPTCHA approach, but since TypeKey is built in, it is what we will use.

The Style Sheet is not in place, and I am sure there are still some bugs, but those things can be handled later. After staying up for the Microsoft E3 keynote, editing Matt's op-ed, finishing setting up this blog on my new host, playing some Sonic the Hedgehog on XBLA, and, playing some Golden Axe on XBLA, I am quite tired.

June 16, 2007

Update on "processing this directive" Error

Movable Type support (they are great) tells me that it is not an MT error, which I figured. So I have to go back to my host and see whats up. It might be a file permissions problem on PHP files. We shall see. What a pain in the ass.

This is a new one for me, and I have installed Movable Type a zillion times on many different hosts.

This will slow down moving the Breaking Windows domain a bit.

Update: Indeed, it is a permissions issue. The server, for some reason, is writing PHP files with the permissions of 666 (should be 644). Once you reload the page on the "processing this directive" error, the web server corrects the problem, setting the file to 644. Now to talk to my new host about this.

Update 2: Host Monster runs under suexec, and requires files to have 644. Movable Type, by default, writes files as 666. This is an easy fix, though.

Now I just have to back up all my files on *yawn*

June 15, 2007

[an error occurred while processing this directive]

You may notice an error message:

[an error occurred while processing this directive]

I am not sure what this problem is yet. I am working on the problem. All I know is if you reload the page, it loads everything just fine.

There is a comment if you view this source:

SHTML Wrapper - 500 Server Error

Comments Turned Back On

Great News! Comments are now enabled for every post, again. Yay!

PowerEditFeedback is a nice plug-in to allow for batch editing of the Accept Comments flag.

May 21, 2007

BW is Moving Hosts

Hey loyal readers. We are moving hosts. I am moving this over to my new Host Monster account. It is a pain in the but, but it will be good to get the bandwidth off of my business hosting plan.

I don't know how long the site will be down (hopefully not long!) but when we come back, comments will be back too. Three cheers for that.

January 8, 2007

Since I turned comments off...

I would like to turn comments back on more than anyone. But until I find a way to stave off the spambots that kill my comments cgi (even with TypeKey turned on) comments are just not in the cards.

But here is an interesting bit of metrics for you: Unique eye balls per day have not fallen by the wayside since I turned comments off.

October 24, 2006

We Are Back, Sans Comments

Breaking Windows is back! Did it go down? Yea, no one could post for days because my host kindly killed MT. Why? Spammers hitting the comments.cgi, even though I rename it every few weeks to something like purple.cgi, or zasdfef4423.cgi. It doesn't matter what I rename it to.

So for the time being, there will be no comments at Breaking Windows. Sorry, but when faced with the question of no blog, or no comments, I will take no comments.

August 3, 2006

Blogcritics RSS Headlines Added; Other Additions

As I promised in June, RSS headlines have been added to Breaking Windows. Sure, it took me two months, but these have been busy months.

This was also due to finding the scripts to add the Blogcritics headlines to the site (not to mention finding ones that were not a chore to use). I was about to ask Sussman, as he lists his BC headlines on Futon Report, but along came across a nice piece of software for Dreamweaver called RSS Replay by RNSoft.

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June 18, 2006

No Comment Spam. None.

We cannot tell you how nice it is not to wade through comment spam. Sure the quantity of comments are down, but the quality will always rise to the top.

We should have turned off anonymous comments ages ago.

Thanks to the regulars who continue to post comments. It lets me know there is a small group of people who read the site regularly. And that is what matters to us.

I don't miss the comments from the drive-by-Google crowd one bit.

June 6, 2006

The Final Word on Double Posting

Today was the last straw. I was thinking of still double posting, but today I have had it.

I had to make an edit, thanks to the eagle eye of Jordan (thanks) on the BW version and the yet-to-be published BC version of my latest entry in the discussion between Matt and myself on Xbox 360 BC.

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June 3, 2006

MT 3.2 Installed, TypeKey Comments Required

Movable Type 3.2 was installed successfully. Their upgrade process is getting better and better. Rebuilding the site takes much less time, so they worked on that for this update.

TypeKey authentication has been turned on. This means you cannot comment on Breaking Windows without first logging in. If this does not stop the comment spam, then I will have to get creative.

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Two Questions For Our Readers

I have a question for the regular readers of this site, all three of you. Actually BW averages between 2000 and 4000 unique visits a day, with anywhere between 6,000 and 10,000 page views. Why? I have no clue. But I do know that the majority is coming from search engines (Google) and not from regular readers. This is a question for those regular readers.

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January 25, 2006

Small Site Changes Make Big Difference

Yes, I know - it's a cheesy headline. I could not resist. :)

The other day I actually took some time to tend to this site. Imagine that! You can continue reading if you really care about the new super cool changes.

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January 11, 2006

December 2005 Site Stats

Wow. I was just looking through the December 2005 site statistics. There is a lot that will not be said in this post, because I do not need this post turning up as #1 for bandwidth on said subjects. What I will say, and gets a wow times five, is the #1 day for traffic in December. Take a guess. Breaking Windows hovers around 2000 unique visits a day. I am very happy with that, as my pocketbook is also very happy with that. December 25th saw 3,402 unique eye balls, 9,827 pages, 24,278 hits and used up 312.91 MB of bandwidth - all on Christmas! Hello? That gets a WTF award for sure.

Is that a social commentary on America? I think it is.

What the hell are all you people doing at my blog on Christmas day? Even I, one of the most connected-via-T1-to-Internet people I know was not on the computer on Christmas for more then 10 minutes, and I was not even reading blogs - I was deleting SPAM!

In other news: Top 5 keywords searched -- "PSP," "iPod," "Windows," with "WEP," "error," and "Mac" rounding out the list. Nevermind this is a decidedly Mac-friendly, dare I say evangelistic, site. But I understand, I do not have as much time to write about the Mac as I would like.

But that many unique visits on Christmas Day?

*shakes head*

December 6, 2005

A disturbance in the force

This past weekend Breaking Windows was down. Actually, all the sites on the server I am hosted on was down. It was found that the temp phpBB message board that I had installed for Blogcritics got hacked. It took some talking for them to bring by blog back online after that.

It is not as if phpBB is more hacker prone then any of the others, it is just that there are a lot of assholes out there that have nothing better to do then fuck with people's web sites. Message boards just seem to be the easiest target. DP just got hit once in a while, this latest being pretty bad. There is never any reason why. It is just because they can.

So no message forum for Blogcritics, at least not from me. This is what I get for trying to make things better.

I am just glad I got my blog back. For a little while there it looked like my host would no longer be hosting this blog. Not fun at all.

November 22, 2005

Gaming Editor at Blogcritics

Did you know there was a Gaming section at Blogcritics? It is there, you just have to dig to find it. It was buried under Culture.

Not any more! Recently launched is the new Gaming Section! Yes, we finally have out day. Our Word in big letters. Or something like that.

A new section means a new section editor. And guess who is the new Gaming Editor for Blogcrtitics? Me. Yep, no joke. I still don't know how I fooled them. Heh.

I have been neglecting Breaking Windows lately for another blog. For that I apologize. I hope to have more regular posts here soon. But I have been doing a bunch of hard work behind the scenes (and more needs done). You will see. The Blogcritics Gaming section is gonna be huge! Or slightly larger then normal. No, huge! Just wait.

I am honored and privileged to be a member of Blogcritics. After a little over two years I have made it to the top! OK, really, Matt had too many other responsibilities at Digital Press.

But I have contacts. And it is who you know and not what you know. Right?

If you notice some of my writing showing up on Blogcritics before it gets posted here, that is entirely unintentional. While I have no plans of paring down Breaking Windows, I do have a certain amount of responsibility to Blogcritics now.

September 4, 2005

Two new writers at Breaking Windows

In recent months Breaking Windows has added a couple writers, and I would like to formally welcome them to our growing family.You may have already read their bylines by now (this is a late introduction).

Jordan Fouts graduated BGSU and is now going to college in Canada for Russian. Makes as much sense as a screen door on a submarine I know. He has a passion for pirate games, and helps with the mod community and helps with the conversion of Russian games.

Tyler Willis is the first at Breaking Windows to not have dropped out or graduated from BGSU. Tyler graduated from Baylor. I learned about Tyler from Matt. Other then that, I just know he likes video games, but that's enough for me.

Its always nice adding friends to the site. Its a shame not all of them write. So far Jordan and Tyler have been contributing reviews and commentary. I hope they continue. They make this site more diverse, and Breaking Windows is better for it.

Thanks fellas.

* Plug: If you want to write for Breaking Windows, you can contact me, ken (at) meancode (dot) com.

June 3, 2005

Where did Ken go?

In case you forgot, this is still my site (Matt is a pretty good fill in, though). I have not gone on vacation. No, I have been working on two projects right now: Photochemical Sciences Outreach and BG News Alumni Society web sites. Then of course there is the usual Student Publications work.

Oh, and I picked up Forza Motorsport for Xbox. I am going to have to stop playing it long enough to write a review.

I will try and post things this weekend, but no promises. Life has gotten too busy to blog lately. And I don't get paid to write.

March 26, 2005

A letter from Breaking Windows Inc. on the PSP

Dear readers,

It has come to our attention that some of you may feel we are Sony PSP fan boys due to the amount of postings on the topic. This is simply not true (*1). We love our Nintendo DS (*2). We still love playing quality titles like "Pokemon Dash" and touching that screen (*3). "Ridge Racer" on the DS is just as enjoyable as it is on the PSP (*4). Both systems have a plethora of enjoyable titles that never cease to amaze us (*5). We will resume out regular unbiased coverage of all the systems soon (*6). Until then, please know that we give no favoritism to any systems (*7).

Thank you,

Breaking Windows Inc.

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March 9, 2005

Bloglet is back

I know at least two of you have wanted this back, as I have gotten emails about it, so the Bloglet form is back. You can use Bloglet to subscribe (or unsubscribe) to my blog. You get a daily email of updates. You will find this form on the About Us page now. I will add a link to the sidebar sometime soon.

But for now just go to the About Us portion of this site.

February 1, 2005

Happy Birthday Breaking Windows! (2005)

By Ken Edwards

Can you believe it? I have been blogging for 2 years now. I must say that the blogging community is a great place to be part of, I have met really great people just through blogging.

So much for this site being about "A Mac User in a Windows World!" From here on we are "Rants & Raves by Ken Edwards & Matt Paprocki." Since is a rather long URL, we will keep this domain, its catchy, and its been here for 2 yrs!

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December 6, 2004

Last week of classes - Fall 2004, Site update

Hey its the last week of classes! I have a quiz in art history on Wednesday that I am very ready for. I could have taken in last Friday. Its just a little odd for me to be ready and waiting for these quizzes and exams. Its a good feeling.

Anywho I have been freakishly busy lately with a number of things, and have let Matt take over the site recently. He has done a great job with the DVD and video game reviews, as usual.

Matt Just got a story printed in the Toledo City Paper, be sure to check out the web site (it has not gone to press yet).

November 21, 2004

Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!

UPDATE: Unless you were vistiting between 1 AM and 4 AM you noticed this site looked pretty messed up. I got all the posts back, and all of the comments up until November 11, 2004. Sorry Mike, Matt, and Chris. Our very colorful conversations about Halo 2 are lost forever. The GTA ones are still there though!

For those who are saying "What?" Here is the answer: I really made a big mistake. It was a stupid mistake, it is a mistake I have made in the past, twice I think. The previous times were not as devastating though.

I made a backup of my DB on November 11th, and thank the Lord that I use ecto to post and had the posts from the 11th to today on my HD. Otherwise this blog would have started over from scratch today, November 21st, 2004. My host does weekly backups but the cron job apparently did not work correctly so they were of no help. I am just glad I made a backup of the DB on the 11th. I should have done it Friday too, I let it go.

I'll get into my stupidity after I have had some sleep. Yes I said I will explain my stupidity. Two reasons here: Poor UI design by Six Apart on the MT Search page, and as a learning lesson for all you people out there in bloggin' land.

Now, as I just avoided a major catastrophe of Breaking Windows, I need sleep.

Major. Problem. All is lost.

I will try and bring everything back, but I cannot promise everything


New section: Quickie Reviews

A lot of time I do not review things because I do not have a lot of time to write a full review. I don't like that. This is the answer, Quickie Reviews. There is now a home for these small bytes of blogging banter.

October 19, 2004

The Internet was down

Its like when the electricity goes out, there is nothing to do. Not that fun especially as I had a number of web sites to update! Oh well. It took Time Warner Cable over 24 hrs. to restore both Cable Internet and TV. I could not get online for two days as I don't start using my connection until after 5 PM. But I know it was down at least 24 hrs. I have never had an outage like that before.

September 9, 2004

Welcome to the new Breaking Windows

Yes, I know, 2.0 is so very original. But then so is this template. I was getting tired with a lot of things about my old site template, but I will be bringing parts of it back, don't you worry. I updated to MT 3.11 on my 5 blogs and did not have a hiccup on any of them but the one I have customized the most - Breaking Windows.

Can't call method "id" on an undefined value at lib/ line 770.

That is the error I get when trying to rebuild. I spend a day trying to figure it out, and MT support, although very responsive, have not been able to give me an answer.

The easiest way is to start over. After all I now have TypeKey on my templates, and I didn't have to do a thing!

I will make small changes here and there, until then the site will be in a little bit of disarray. It is still readable, and everything is here. I imported everything.

July 6, 2004

Mike Cooper Joins BW

Mike and I go back a while. In many ways his college carer tanked very much like mine did. The first time I worked with Mike was for Dr. Molly Laflin on some web site for a grant in Family and Consumer Sciences at BGSU. I then had the chance to work with him again at Student Publications. That second tenure together ended up a lot better then the first. Please welcome Mike to our stab at the blogoshere. And maybe someday he will get his own site back up. Be sure to check out Mike's bio and his initial post, it seems he is a whore to science. [Shameless Plug] If you would like to write for this site, please send me an email, ken [at] meancode [dot] com.

June 6, 2004

Blogcritics: The Next Generation (BC) is growing up. It has grown out of its previous web host, and unfortunately that host was none to kind to BC at the end, pulling the plug abruptly in the morning hours of June 2. Thanks to the help of the members suggestions, BC has a new home on a dedicated server even. You can read about the move here. Unfortunatly with a dedicated server comes higher costs. There is now a Paypal donate button the BC site. They also have some new BC merchandise you can buy: T-shirts, sweatshirts, mouse pads, and coffee mugs. This seems to be the price of being a successful review site. As a BC member I will be adding links for BC stuff and donating to BC here at Breaking Windows. Every little bit will help. Its great to see BC become more popular, Its the growing pains that suck. Breaking Windows has become more popular because of BC, and for that I am grateful.

June 5, 2004

Tips for Writing Reviews

I am now writing book reviews for In the last go round of review materials I plucked two books from the list. The first is Up Periscope Yellow: The Making of the Beatles Yellow Submarine and then Wicked Cool Shell Scripts. Ironically I just watched Yellow Submarine in my animation history class. This will be the first time I have ever reviewed a book. So I went googling for some info, and this is what I found. Some links, be them indirectly related, do have good information. Prewriting Questions for Book, Movie, or Play Reviews Steps for Writing a Good Book Review The Literature Review: A Few Tips On Conducting It Write a Book Review With Rodman Philbrick Robert Wright ~ Tips on Book Reviews

June 4, 2004

Remember personal info...

An email from Dave: After doing a little research, I think I have figured out why my personal info isn\'t being remembered when I tell it to. Looking at the cookie manager inside Mozilla I find that the cookie that your site sets for the remember personal info question has a path in it. The path is currently \"/archives/geek_speak/\" which is the last post I commented in. I verified this by going into that post again and seeing that it infact remembered my personal info, yet when I go to a different post, the personal info is lost. Thought you might want to know...
This is true, and thanks for the email. I found this out the other day thanks to a cool new blog I just added to my blogroll, The Tweezer's Edge v3. You can read about this cookie issue there. The bottom line is this: There is a javascript flaw in MT 3.0D, the functions do not set and retrieve the cookie correctly. Until 6A fix the problem, The Tweezer's Edge solution sounds tempting. Tempting until that thing called "College" and "Work" and "Freelance" come into play. I will get to fixing it though, I swear. On a related note, I need to add the new comment code. As Neil noted, and I noticed as well, the default templates on the MT site are not correct. You need to create a new blog and use those templates. This is made more difficult because of the snazzy code for the smileys and the markup buttons. That will get done too. Sometime.

May 13, 2004

Movable Type 3.0 Installed

That was quick and very easy. MT 3 is now running. (The version number in the footer is static) After I am done working today I will write up a full report. All in all it took me less then 10 minutes start to finish to complete the upgrade. The new admin UI is killer! I have to add the code to the comments for the new authentication that MT 3 uses. Until then you will not see your comment until I approve it. GOOD BYE COMMENT SPAM!

Upgrading to Movable Type 3.0

If this site goes down or does not get updated later today it is because I am updating to MovableType 3.0. You have been forewarned.

Links Side Blog Works! Finally!

Thanks again to Andy Baio for his RSS feed template, my RSS feed for my Links Side Blog now works. I don't plan on making an archive for that blog any time soon, but I may get to it someday. Who knows.

April 15, 2004

Introducing The Bug-Lite

I would like to introduce It is another blog I am hosting for cheap. Blatant Marketing: I can host your blog cheap, just email me, ken [at] meancode [dot] com. Mike's best post thus far has got to be his interesting information about M & M's - you just have to read it! Mike was using Xanga, and I didn't even have to convince him, he said it himself, "Xanga Sucks!"

April 8, 2004

Mike Metzger's Blog added to blogroll

Mike Metzger, a photog at The News, has been added to my blogroll. He posts some funny stuff, some of which I am going to have to repost here, it is just too funny. He has been complaining that I don't post enough lately, well guess what Mike, I have been way busier then normal lately. So deal with it. :p For example I am now learning myself SPSS so we can run stats on a reader survey. Fun. I would do this in my favorite app (FileMaker Pro) but then I would have to make the reports as well, not fun. At least SPSS has a tutorial. Someone else is going to be making the SPSS reports but I just know I am going to be asked how this or that works, you know how that is. Anywho, be sure to check out Mike's blog.

March 15, 2004

In a Blogging slump

You might of noticed that there were not many posts last week. It was Spring Break here and I decided to relax, and spend some time away from the computer. It was great, let me tell ya. But I am still not feeling like posting much. I got some new video games, and have been playing them online (PS2). I will at least get some mini reviews of those online sometime in the near future. But don't worry. That blogging bug may return at any moment now, its a rampant fever sometimes.

February 29, 2004

Back to Bloglet

At the beginning of the month I was ranting (go figure) about Bloglet. I emailed the Bloglet admin concerning that I brought up in that post from February 3. I never got a response. Surprised? Since I am using a better formed RSS 2.0 file, thanks to Neil, my RSS feed breaks Bloglet. Instead of taking the suggestions of incorporating standards, Bloglet still has its quarks. Since I have not touched my RDF file in a while, I figure that Bloglet will like a malformed old XML standard, and guess what? It does! I'd love to setup Dada, but thats not gonna happen. And since I actually picked up some new subscriptions (thanks!) I am back to using Bloglet. Happy happy, joy joy! Oh, and yes, I have added full entries in the RDF feed.

February 7, 2004

Validation Feels Great; Other Updates

I am tweaking my site this weekend. My RSS 1.0 feed now has full entries. I edited my Atom feed a little, and I validated all 3, RSS 1, RSS 2, and Atom 0.3, and all three validate! Happy Happy Joy Joy! I could not find one of those nifty badges for Atom 0.3, only earlier versions of Atom, so I made on of my own, please feel free to steel this at will. atombadge.gif Since I bought a license of MT for this site, I thought I would put up some Google AdSense ads. Oh and I also fixed that annoying problem with the links on titles opening in a new window. I have known about this problem, I just have not had the time to fix it.

February 3, 2004

Happy Birthday Breaking Windows!

January 28th, 2003. That is the day this site launched. The original focus of this site was my brand new PC. My oh my have my views changed about my PC in a year. If I would have written my thoughts at the 6 month stage, my opinion of my PC would have been a lot different. But that is for another post. I want to thank Jake Ortman for pushing me to put up a blog. Not to mentioned he actually had to help me install MT! Imagine that. I have installed it a ton since then, and not had one problem since. (knock on wood) After a year of using Movable Type I am a huge supporter of this CMS. I am and will continue to use it for client sites. The price, $150, is really reasonable. Even with out the 3rd party developer community, Movable Type has many, many applications. yea_one_stats.gifWith a total of 555 posts in year one, I am happy. I did not seriously think I would post as much as I have. Ironically, my Boy Scout Troop is 555. I hope you found at least a portion of my posts as informative, and laughed at a fair share of them as well. After all, I don't do this all for me (although, I must admit some are for my sanity, and/or memory!). Thanks. The first year has been great, I can't wait to pass year two. The statistics have grown well, I hope they continue to grow at a similar pace.



Bloglet is being Bloglet Again

Who, I ask, is happy with Bloglet?
ERROR: String was not recognized as a valid DateTime.
Huh? This is the error I now get, out of the blue, because it had been working for months. That is the problem with Bloglet, it works for a while, then it won't work, and it is a mystery. This is part of the reason I have put my full posts in my RSS feed. I am giving up on Bloglet. Jake is using Dada, but I don't want to take the time (I don't have time to take the time) to set it up. Although it does look nice. I only have 10 people signed up to get the updates, and they are not used to getting reliable updates, thank you Bloglet! UPDATE: I see on the Bloglet site:
'String was not recognized as a valid DateTime.' error for certain RSS feeds Bloglet is rejecting RSS feeds with dates in the following format: "Tue, 21 Oct 2003 24:56:21 -0500". Its probably a good idea to change your date to adhere to the XML-RPC spec, found here:
I just changed my RSS feed to one I got from Neil, but AFAIK, this is the date/time format that has always been used in MT. And I got bloglet updates after I installed the new RSS feed, I am pretty sure. Maybe not. I don't know. All I do not is I am fed up with this continuous bull from bloglet. Here is the deal: Bloglet likes (and the default MT template uses): [dc:date]2004-02-03T21:59:09-05:00[/dc:date] The official spec of RSS uses this: [pubDate]Tue, 03 Feb 2004 23:16:44 -0500[/pubDate] pubDate is the correct tag here. I should NOT have to use the Dublin Core if I do not want to. The Dublin Core is an extension of the spec, it is not the spec. So tell me people, which is better to use? pubDate or the DC tag?

Blogcritics Leaderboard

I think this is the first time I have been on the Blogcritics Leaderboard in 3 of the 4 categories. I will never get into the top posters of all time, but right now I am in Top Posters for 30 days, 7 days, and 24 hrs! My name is also on the left column twice too, under top posters for January, and the standard blogroll. And guess what? I am getting more unique visits, imagine that! he he.

January 29, 2004

Full HTML Posts in RSS Feed

Something I have wanted to do for a while now, well over a month, is put my entire HTML posts into the RSS feed. It took Neil to IM me and even offer his RSS template. Well thanks Neil. Now you all no longer have to visit my site to read it :-D. I have also set it to include my entire post for my bloglet subscribers, all 10 of you. If I had more subscribers I would install that snazzy Dada list software that Jake is using, cuz it sure looks prrrrdy. I also have installed the Atom 0.3 feed, but I do not know if any reader actually supports this standard yet. I need to make a graphic for that. I will be taking off the RDF graphic (and feed) and putting up an Atom graphic sometime soon.

January 24, 2004

New Sections & Special Thanks

Since I blog so much about Panther and the iPod and iTunes, they now have their own sections. This site is getting more and more organized all the time! I have a few people I would like to thank, for code snippets, and other help recently. It is mainly due to the fact that I am lazy and don't want to look up the code in the MT manual :-P. Thanks Jake ( for exporting my posts from when I needed refuge, mainly my rant about DVD playback in Windows. Thanks Andy Baio ( for the code snippet that allows me to have my own blogroll. If anything, I enjoy the shorter load times thanks to it not being an external include. And I can deal with not having it show the most recently updated blogs. I hope that does not get hacked again, but I am not going to be using the service since I can so easily create lists of links with the code from Andy. Thanks. You should have noticed by now that I have a "Breaking News" section in the right column that I will be posting things of interest, but do not have time to comment on. Thanks Philip (W6 and Blogcritics) for the code to improve my Recent Comments section, and for the tip on making it its own Index Template so it shows correctly on the entire site.

January 6, 2004

Almost Back in Order

Here is an update from Matt, he recently had surgery. Probably about another week until I can actually sit long enough to write a decent review. Still pretty tender. Anyway, be prepared for reviews of SWAT, Underworld, Out of Time, and maybe even a GBA review.

December 11, 2003

Temporarily Out of Order

Well, after a year of court battles with my employer, I'm finally getting a desperately needed back surgery. A herniated disc at L5-S1 will be removed next week. I'll be out of action for at least 2 weeks, but this of course depends on how well the surgery goes. Could be longer, could be sooner. More info below. Decompressive laminectomy for cervical or lumbar spinal stenosis -

November 29, 2003


Introducing! Mary Beth Eastman is a geek gurl I met in college at The BG News. She finally decided to give up Blogger and go to Movable Type. And who better to host her blogs then an old college friend. MB loves Mountain Dew and rolling her own cigarettes with Zig Zag Tobacco. She has an eMac and can be considered dangerous with HTML :-P. Be sure and check out her Supafine! blog and her Geek Blog! On a related note, this is the 3rd Movable Type site I have put together, and I need to put Breaking Windows together similar to this one. Even the 210 West site install is loads better then my Breaking Windows site. Oh well, we learn. I am still working on tweaking MB's site, adding things here and there, but all in all it is a done deal. BTW, if you want a host for your Movable Type blog, I am a low cost host :-D.

November 28, 2003

The Weblog Review: 4.5 out of 5

My first thoughts on Breaking Windows was, as a computer weblog, was I the best person to write a review? It is described as 'A look at Microsoft Windows XP from a Mac user's perspective' and so, not being a techie or a Mac user, I wondered if it might be better to leave this review for someone else. Then I started to read and realised that I might actually be a good person to review it because I wouldn't get bogged down with the technicalities of the entries, and there actually looked like there'd be a fair bit in there that I'd actually understand too!

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November 25, 2003


I am heading off home, to dad's house. This may very well mean little to no updates here to BW. But then that has never stopped me before. After all, there will be a Cable connection. Have a happy Thanksgiving folks!

November 17, 2003

Blogrolling got hacked?

It seems as tho Blogrolling got hacked. Everyone who has a blog roll using the service has had their roll(s) replaced with repetitive instances of "Laura's Blog." I am not even going to link to the site. This is pathetic. Now I have to recreate my blogroll. I know I won't remember all of them. Maybe I should just forgo the service all together and go back to the old way of writing the HTML myself for my links list. After today it makes me think I should.

November 10, 2003

Matt Paprocki Joins BW

A good friend of mine who wrote for me years ago for The BG News is again writing for me, but for Breaking Windows this time. Matt reviews movies, DVDs, and video games. Be sure to check back for his latest, also be sure to check out his other writings. I am really happy to have Matt as a part of BW, please be sure to share your comments on his reviews! [Shameless Plug] If you would like to write for this site, please send me an email, ken [at] meancode [dot] com.

November 1, 2003

Comment SPAM

There is nowhere that is safe from SPAM. I knew I would be getting comment SPAM in my blog sometime, it was just a question of when. Today was the day. Bastards. There is IP banning in the MT preferences, but people have gotten more proactive about comment spam. There is the MT-Blacklist plugin, which I will now be installing. Even Six Apart has blogged about comment SPAM. MT-Blacklist is installed, and is very nice. If you do not have this plugin installed, i suggest you install and configure it. Thanks to Jay Allen for a great addition to the MT community

My Polls Suck

Or, at least they did, so says Brandon. So, he is now in charge, from this day forth, of the polls for my site. If YOU think they suck then you need to email me with a better one.

October 21, 2003

I Have Been Under The Weather

Being sick sucks! :sad: Feeling like crap. Sour Through. Coughing. Raw Nose. Buying stock in Kleenex. It is all part of the fall season, isnt it? So needless to say I have not felt like posting to my blog lately. I really haven't felt like doing anything on my computer until today. I haven't worked this week, which sucks cuz that means I have not made any money this week. Tis the life of the sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head so I can't sleep geek.

October 8, 2003

As seen on Lockergnome

I just gave Chris Pirillo (Lockergnome) permission to repost my iChat Log Viewing Software piece! Rock on! Jake just told me it is posted on the Apple Core page! Thanks Chris.

October 1, 2003

Connection was lost

For 2 days I could not post to my blogs :mad:. For some strange reason the Perl modules that connect to the MySQL DB were gone! They are back (reinstalled I am told) and everything is back to normal. So I am in the midst of posting stuff from the last couple days.

September 22, 2003

New & Changed Sections

I changed a couple sections, and added a couple more. This was mainly because the Commentary section was getting to general, and things were not categorized well. There is now separate sections for Mac & Windows Software, and separate sections for Mac & Windows Commentary. The new section Geek Speak has been created for posts that have to do with both Mac & Windows, and general Technology. I created a section for the Friday Five. They are just five questions to write about on Fridays. I will start this Friday, hopefully :-D. The last new section was created to make fun of SPAM, called SPAM Watch. There may be a couple posts that are not in the correct section. I tried to re-categorize them all, but I am sure I missed some. I will create images for these section pages later, maybe later today :-P. Oh and I also decided to be more specific as to "whatever pops into my head." As you can now see it now reads "a fresh cocktail of technology, media & culture views." Wouldn't that drink get your head spinning!

August 28, 2003

Some Small Changes

Wow. Can you believe it? I have actually taken time to work on my own web site :-P. I cut down the length of the Main Archive page as well as the Category Archive pages. They are formatted using the offset and lastn attributes in the <MTEntries> tag. Very cool. Since it has been ages since Bloglet worked I am also going take that off of the site. I will probably put the Search box back up there. Sure. Maybe.

August 18, 2003

Mini Vacation

We are going to call this a mini vacation. I took a few days off and did not touch a keyboard. It was wonderful. I just vegged out in front of the TV and watch movies. Some were good, some were lame. Mr. Deeds was quite possibly the worst Adam Sandler movie I have ever seen. I have, however, taken some time to work on my web site (oh my gosh!). Jake informed me that Neil had blogrolled me. This prompted me to finally setup my blogroll. I have been meaning to do this for six months! Well thanks Neil! You got me off my ass! Good job! Now that I have the code for recent comments (special thanks to Mary Beth Eastman of 210 West Mag for putting that code together for me for 210 West) I will have that up and running within the day as well. Gotta love reusable code. I have a lot of code I have done for the 210 West Mag site that I have been meaning to use on my blog but I haven't had the time. Maybe soon.

August 6, 2003

Nice to have Internet Access Again

I must say I have gone through a very sad part in my life. I have been without internet access for almost a week :sad: :-P I have been working a lot lately as well. But I am back, and you are just going to have to live with that.

July 29, 2003

I am a member of Blog Critics

The editor of Blog Critics, Eric Olsen, liked my review on BuyMusic. And so I am now a member of the site. If you have not checked it out go to right now. It has a lot of great articles. There are a little over 300 authors that contribute to the site. I will be posting some of my stuff, as well as some of the articles from 210 West to Blog Critics now. Pretty cool. Hopefully this will mean more eyeballs, that is the thought at least.

June 13, 2003

Down with the Calendar

I got tired of it. It was like a status symbol. Not to mention a nagging reminder that I didn't post anything on x day. Plus now the Search box is oh so much closer to the top of the page. :-O


As the saying goes, one is never enough. So here is another blog that I am part of. This one was not my idea though. I am hosting and helping with the technical stuff like templates etc, etc. The idea is great! You see 210 West Hall is the BG News newsroom at BGSU. was put together by a number of BGSU BG News graduates. It is an independent journalism blog. Rock on! You need to check it out. As we add more stuff I will post more about it (who says blatant advertising doesn't work). For the time being the domain just resolved to my name servers, and I just got MT 2.64 installed. There are a number of articles already though. So clicky clicky!

June 9, 2003

Again, what is this blog?

A friend of mine (who will remain nameless) asked me what exactly this blog is for. I can tell he is after a classification. I am not sure I want to classify this web site. The original thought and reason I started Breaking Windows was the fact that I had just purchased a PC and wanted to chronicle my experiences with it, as I have never used a PC on a daily basis. I have always said "I know enough about Windows to break it." That is where the name came from. And when I found that the .com was available (the .net is home to some Breaking Windows book that I might just read) I grabbed it as soon as I could. What a great name! So the that was the concept for the site. Oh and this is just for Jake. He is a cry baby, but anyway: Jake had this blog, at the time called Inside the Mind of Jake Ortman (yea that scares me too) that has evolved into which is also a great name for a site. At the time I was trying to figure out this blog stuff and which software I wanted to use. Well he kept bugging me and bugging me that I needed a blog. And I did, they are pretty cool, and I am all about doing the "cool" things. No really, I really liked the idea of having a personal CMS at my fingertips. Once I saw the community behind Movable Type I was sold (and it is free no less). Now I cannot give 100% credit to Jake, I had the idea to blog about my Windows experiences, but thanks in part to him this site is here. There ya go, there are your props, you deserve it. Originally I was not even going to post any Mac stuff, or much of anything else that has been posted on this site. So I cannot really classify this site. If you ask Jake he will tell you "its that spoiled little bitch's blog." But it has evolved into much more then "this has been my experience with Windows" and "these are my cool toys that Jake doesn't have" site. It is sorta like a diary, and at the very least it helps keep my sane. Why don't I just come out and say it. I like to rant about stuff. Raving is fun too, but not as good as ranting. This type of thing is an outlet that we all need. Some people write in a diary or a journal. I prefer typing it. As a technical note, I put this site together because I do not have to adhere to any client requests. I can do whatever I want with it. I don't have to think twice about using all CSS for the layout, etc. etc. It is nice to have a site like that. I can't state that enough. It is really nice to have a site that I can do whatever I want with. Unless you develop web sites you might not truly understand this. So I hope you enjoy all the gibberish I post, and hope that you spread the word about that "spoiled little bitch." Oh and yes I have plans for that domain, I just do not know how to bring those plans to fruition yet, technically.

June 1, 2003

Move (Again) Complete

If you came to this site yesterday you would have seen a Godaddy page. This is because I moved my domain names all to a single registrar, Godaddy. I have also moved hosts AGAIN. I believe this is the 3rd time in 5 months. And it better be the last! A brief history: I left Tera-Byte because I wanted/needed a reseller account. A month after signing up with InfoBeen they went under. I then went to HostApply as the tech. InfoBeen took my account. While I had no problems with the sites being up at HostApply I was not getting any service, such as getting ImageMagick or NetPBM installed and working properly. So now I am at Cybrisk, and lets hope they do a better job. Now to throw a wrench in this I got a PM on the WebHostingTalk board from the CEO of Tera-Byte. Apparently they are beta testing a reseller program and he is going to set me up with an account. At first I was thrilled at this. He told me he would give me the space I need, all for free durring the beta program. All I needed to do was answer feedback questions etc. This is all well and good except for the fact that I have not yet heard any information about getting an account setup at Tera-Byte. I know when I left Tera-Byte they were using Ensim and Ensim has its own reseller manager app. I have since grown to like cPanel and WebHostManager (WHM) a lot more than Ensim or Plesk. For one thing cPanel makes moving all the site files to a new host so much easier. This is how I am able to move to a new host every month and a half :-P. I just don't want to do that again.

May 27, 2003

Runtime Error Fixed

We can all thank Brian for fixing the javascript that was causing the runtime error. He tells me it was a problem with " and ' messing up the script. So now all you Internet Exploder users out there, where ever you are (some 69.5 % by my stats), do not have to put up with that error. Thanks Brian!

May 25, 2003

Runtime Error

It seems that there is a runtime error in like 149 of the code. This is a javascript that has been in the template for months. So I am not exactly sure what is happening. I will look into this weekend. In Other News this is yet another reason to avoid using Internet Exploder all together :-P. Oh and if you use IE for some bizarre reason you might do yourself some good and turn off the Debugger. Jake and I both think this error is my dynamic drop down menus. This means of course it is Brian's fault so we will try and get it fixed ASAP.

May 18, 2003

Further Readings

I just added some links to past articles that my readers have added as comments. Thanks for your posts! * Indiana Jones Trilogy * Web Browsing on the Mac

April 24, 2003

It's My Birthday!

WOW! My blog is back on my bday! Happy Birthday Ken! How old am I? I am a quarter century old today! April is such bitter sweet. Taxes at the begining of the month and my bday at the end :-/

The New Web Host

Yea yea yea so I guess I am the village idiot huh. So Jake, the smart ass that he is, is being nice enough to make a small refugee camp for me here till I get my domains transferred to yet another host. For the record they did give me more than 1 week of service before closing their doors. and I did do my research at WHT. So thanks Jake for letting me post stuff here for the time being ;) Well it is good to be back on my own site. Kind of like it is nice to sleep in your own bed again. Thanks Jake for the refugee camp. believe me folks, you do not want to venture inside the mind of Jake Ortman! its pretty scary in there! he he. I am with another web host, this time one called HostApply. lets just hope this one does not go belly up in a one month time period. tomorrow (hell its today already) is my birthday (yay!) and I am going to my Dad's house for the weekend. So I do not think I will be posting anything. I do have one new post, and the rest of my posts from when I was using Jake's blog.

It's Alive! It's Alive!

Holy Cow Batman! My sites are back up and running! It is so good to be back to my old site. Like sleeping in your own bed again. Thanks for the refugee camp Jake!

March 20, 2003

Lots of things

Well there are a lot of site related things so I will just throw them all together in this post. My new web host was down AGAIN today. that is twice in two weeks. they are about to be less one customer. that's two strikes, I give them three and they are history. the server admin gave me the ability to restart apache today, if the need ever arises. So I give him props for that. but i'm not that happy this site (and my business site) has been down from 9:30 AM to 6 PM. Mobile Edition Thanks to Dive Into Mark and his great article on creating a mobile edition including MT templates to do so, I now have a Mobile Edition myself. I have been meaning to put this together, but have not had time to put the MT code together. but why reinvent the wheel when others have already done the hard work :-D If you do not know Mark Pilgrim is the author of a *very good* resource called Dive Into Accessibility. I could not have made the Mobile Edition without the help of another one of Brad Choate's fabulous MT plugins called MT Macros. I also could not do the Smiles whithout MT Macros and/or MT Regex ;-D In the next couple days I will put together a page explaining the syndication options available; how to use the RSS feed and the Mobile Edition, as well as applications you can use. For example how to setup AvantoGo or Plucker to get the Mobile edition of Breaking Windows. I will also mention some of the better RSS feed readers I have come across and which ones I prefer. Recent Articles Over on the right had side you will notice a new section called RECENT ARTICLES. This is an enhanced version from the previous incarnation. I showed my buddy Brian the MT code needed and he did all the javascript for it. its really nice. Now you select the category and it shows the last 10 posts in that category - not just the last 10 posts on the site. its pretty slick it is using MT code to generate the arrays in the javascript. All credit goes to Brian, I just showed him the MT tags and came up with the idea. Thanks Brian! Missing Images The missing images have been found - well most of them. There are some that I will either have to remake or just ditch all together. I found them in an archive on my old host, a day before they dumped my old account :-P I will have to upload them all again. so it will be a couple days till they are back up completely. Error Pages I added fancy looking error pages for errors 400. 401, 403, 404 and 500. I was going to go the funny error messages, but then just decided to go with some (somewhat) useful information. So now you will not get an ugly white (or red) error page. and it will even have navigation on it, go figure! Monthly Navigation I added chevrons next to the month in the calendar at the upper right. this will allow you to move back and forth between the months as well as jump to the days in any month. this is some pretty slick code I found on The Girlie Matters' Tips & Tricks site. Her site rocks BTW. I will be adding more little tweaks here and there to the templates when I have time to work on the site. you will just notice them show up. Whew that was a lot. OK done for now.

March 17, 2003

Where did the purdy pictures go?

What the hell? I think Mobable Type ate my uploads directory! its not on the server anymore, and all the images are gone! I recently rearanged how the archive files are stored, but I dont know how the uploads directory could vanish like that! grrr. i might not have backups of some or all of those images. guess i will have to setup a daily backup or something. there i no way I could have accidently deleted that folder by accident, no, impossable! oh well. not a huge loss. only digital bytes.

March 16, 2003

Smilies in Comments work now

just a quick note, smilies in comments now work, yay! ;-D

March 15, 2003

I added smilies!

Well I added the code to the comments templates and its not working yet. so I will see what is wrong :sad: So it does not work yet. :-D - Smile
:-P - Tounge
:=D - Big Grin
:-/ - Confused
:mad: - Mad
:sad: - Sad
:-O - Wow
;-D - Wink

They might look familiar to you if you know board software. I will have to come up with some unique ones later. I just installed Brad Choate's Regex plug. smilies are just the beginning of possibilities with the regex plugin. very cool stuff indeed. I will have to get around to adding them in the Comments form. so for now you all don't know how to use them, ha ha :-P I have been up WAY to late mucking around with this stuff, so I will add that later.

ImageMagick and NetPBM

If you comb the MT support board you will find A LOT of people who are having issues with ImageMagick even though their host has it installed. It seems that there is no answer for the problem. some people can use it with MT yet some cannot. well the alternative is NetPDB and ya know what - it works! InfoBeen tech support installed the needed IPC::Run perl mod and I was up and running using it to create thumbnails in no time. soo nice! this is what my TiBook desktop looks like.




March 14, 2003

Finding a new home

I was going to write this yesterday, but the site was down all day. It seems my new web host is having issues with their backbone - not something a brand new customer wants to hear in the least. Yesterday evening things were explained and I was compensated for the down time through PayPal - I think more for the fact that they want to keep a new customer more than anything. All in all I am impressed with InfoBeen. they have support over AIM that is online most of the time. One of their techs called me to go over how to use the WebHost Manager (WHM) because I now have a reseller account. Transfering the my domain names would have gone faster had my ISP not cached the sites. Other people could see my sites with nothing on them, yet I was still seeing my sites still being hosted on my old host, Tera-Byte. Oh well minor details. I found out about InfoBeen and a slew of other web hosts from my buddy Jake (who has btw finally put to use an excellent domain name - check it out) told me about a very good board WebHostingTalk. I posted in the Web Hosting Requests forum and in no time at all I got 10 different hosts offering me hosting plans. in AIM I was talking to 7 or 8 people at once and they were all going back and forth on what they would offer, adding features, etc. it was a small war! InfoBeen was the cheapest reseller package, and offered the features I want. There were some really good and even cheaper packages I passed up too. InfoBeen set my up with a custom package at a really good price. I just hope their support, service and uptime is that of what I came to expect from Tera-Byte. So just like Jake recommended the board to me, I recommend that board to anyone looking for a host or looking to talk about web hosting. Now I just have to get something up on :-D

March 13, 2003

Everything is back to normal

OK everything is setup. MT 2.63, Textile, and SmartyPants plugins are working. I fixed all the broken images. so back to posting and normal updates. Moving everything over to a new site was not too bad. I have a lot of Index Templates and Template Modules in MT, but once I got all those added everything worked. I wanted my uploaded images to be in their own directory, that is why I had to fix all of those links. but now they are in a directory of their own. I also figured out I needed to edit the upload.tmpl file so the file upload form would automatically have the full path - saving me a lot of time from typing it in all the time :-P

March 11, 2003

I'm Back!!!!!

Well that was not that painfull. only offline for a day and a half. i will import all the posts and get the templates back to working order this evening. i am very impressed with my new web host InfoBeen.

well after a couple hours setting up all the templates and all the template modules i use, i believe everything is here. all posts and comments are accounted for. one thing that is NOT is the images i have uploaded. screenshots etc, etc. ill fix them up tomarrow er something. you will just get a fun 404 page if you try and look at one of them.

oh and if its still broke, its still broke.

i have a bunch of stuff i want to post about, kinda sitting in a mental queue (now that is scary) but man i am just tired. i will post em later. this moving web hosts is really a lot of work! oh since talking about them - ahh ill post that later.

March 9, 2003

Changing Web Hosts

For those of you who frequent my site, please note I am going to change web hosts soon. I do not know how long the site will be down. or how long it will before I get MT reinstalled and working etc. etc. the space I am paying for right now expires March 18th. I am hoping to have the new site done by that time.

February 19, 2003

Its all a learning experience (Updated)

UPDATED - 02-21-03 To say that the design of this site is a work in progress is an understatement. i have been quite happy in my little shell of designing sites with TABLE tags. and have never really looked at CSS-P for designing sites. not that i have really haad time to anyway, but i never put much thought into it. well then came along this kick arse CMS, or "personal publishing system" as the people who make Movable Type call it. all the default templates are done with CSS, not TABLES. well what better way to learn then with someothing you are not getting paid to do right? well im having fun, i have only worked with this for a week or so and i am getting the grasp of it. its still a bit strange not using tables. but ill get used to it. anyway i got some help from a kind soul at the MT board and he showed me what i was doing wrong with my templates. so using his pages as a guide, i decided the best thing to do was recode the templates, yep that was fun. well i learned some stuff. i got rid of a stupid loading problem in Windows IE where the page would load then only display the first half - really annoying. it does not seem to do that any more. also with the new code it loads a lot faster, its more efficient, less filling, all that good stuff. i have implimented 4 accesskeys. Access keys allow for keyboard navigation to key functions or pages of this web site. Most modern browsers support this capability. If you're using Windows, you can press ALT + an access key; for Mac OS, you can press Control + an access key. they are as follows: # Home Page # Archives Index # Contact Me (mailto) # brings focus to the search box
Its so great how things work well in NN / Moz / IE for the Mac, then you look at it on IE for Windows and things are all over the place, not where they should be. such is the limitation to non standards complient browsers (IE - for Mac and Windows). the two color top navigation bar looks great in Mozilla and Phoenix, and Mozilla and Chimera. it even works correctly in Safari on OS X. Here is Internet Exploder and here is Phoenix. I am going to assume more people are viewing this site in IE than a Moz flavor, ill take the fancy blue line div tag out :( thats they way it works with M$ software. i also have to find out why the Search box is ALL the way to the right. fun fun fun!

February 17, 2003

Typographic Plugins Installed

Curly quotes and em dashes and elipses oh my! he he well thats what SmartyPants does for MT. it converts en dashes as well. a new MT plugin for 2.6 is Textile wich is based off Textism converts things like (c) and (r) and (tm). these all spell better looking typographic qualities and make adding block tags and special charectors a snap.

February 2, 2003

Main page is done!

I would have added more posts this weekend, but i was busy on the main page design.

I have finally got the main page template the way i like it. i found out there is a MTInclude tag so i have made good use of that for all the static parts of the template. i put title tags on a lot of the links - so mouse over them to see my work! the site is a lot lighter load on a modem now, i am only displaying the last 8 posts on the main page. i added one of those nifty favicons to be "with it" and make the site look cool. i have added a who am i section, wich i will be working on, i plan to put up a .plan file (he he pun fun)

as a side note, even when Dreamweaver is set to NOT rewrite code, it does! i was getting all these crazy errors when recompiling the site, and i was doing everything like the docs say to do. so i ended up doing it all in BBEdit - yea i used my Mac, cuz It Doesn't Suck!

now on to the other templates, they look very much bad right now.

January 28, 2003

Before you Flame Me

first off i will not respond or recognize anyone sendimg me flames.

Mac users - if you think i am abandoning the mac you are wrong. i keep my TiBook 500 as up to date as the next guy.

Windows users - if you think i have finaly 'seen the light' you are wrong. i have used windows to great extent in my past jobs, and have 'accepted' the Windows OS.

i come from an artistic background, and understand the difference between constructive critisism and just plain critisism. if you do not use contructive critisism that i do not wish to hear from you.

"veriety is the spice of life," "the best of both worlds" those are some good cliches are they not? i have a very portable powerhouse in my TiBook 500, and now i have a powerful desktop powerhouse in my 3 Ghz P4 rig.

when i told my mac-loving friends i was getting a PC their responses were very colorful to say the least. i figured id get flak, some persecution, etc. etc. to going to the "Dark Side." it just showes how neive and blind some people are, almost afraid of some forign OS. you might call it blind faith. but for me personally, i am fine working on Mac OS, Windows, and many flavors of Linux. my first taste of the command line was on a Mac 9500 Workgroup Server, it was called A/UX. now i prefer the Mac OS, i have never owned a PC before, but i wanted the best of both worlds.

im not going to make apologies or exuses. i got a pc because i wanted one. its something different, a challenge if you will.

oh and please do not email me about my grammorical or spelling deficiencies, i know i have them. after all, i am going to school for art and not english. grammer and spelling are surely not my strong suits. and considering this blog software does not have any server side spell checking, im not gonna worry about spelling something wrong. thats what spelling and grammer in Word are for :p

A Little History

a little history, not too much tho, you would get bored stiff.

the first computer i ever used was a Apple ][, i loved the stickey bears series, q*bert, and other memerable educational titles, that math one was fun, cant remember the name. the text based RPGs were great, and the ASCII games were a lot of fun back then.

the first mac i ever got addicted to was an Apple II GS, it was an apple ][ that looked like the mac. the first mac i ever had as my own was a 6400/200 circa 1997 when i graduated high school, it was a gift from my aunt. i maxed the RAM and the cache in that thing, also put in a faster video card, and it now runs Yellow Dog Linux, tho thats not the first distro it has run.

the last mac i ever owned was a PowerBook G4 500 circa 2001. i have had Yellow Dog on my TiBook, but now run OS 9 on one partition and OS X on the other.

in between the Apple ][ and the TiBook i haved used many macs, pretty much every model at some point or another. i have used DOS, Windows 3.1, 95 - XP, NT 3.5, 4, 2k - just not on a day to day basis. either at a friends rig, or a server at work i maintained, or a workstation at work i helped teach people how to use.

i have used SGI IRIX, Apple A/UX, a few versions of the Amiga OS, and many distros of Linux. i am eager to really use XP tho, as it is the most advanced version (like Mac OS X) of the OS.

i have gotten a lot of flak from friends about getting a windows box. i could care less what they think.

What is this blog?

what this site is (and isnt)

this site is not a site to bash Windows or Mac or Linux. there will be no 'this one is better' pros found here. i am a mac person so i come to understand the mac way of doing things better. so i am more inclined to think it is easier to begin with. and so i have a bias toward the Mac and most probably always will. of course, i have been working with the Mac OS since i was a kid, and i have never gotten into workings of the Windows OS - i have never used it on a day to day business for work or play

This site was created to be a journal of my experiences with my first PC. first impressions are the most important ones right? i am sure i will be drawing a lot of comparisons to and from Mac OS 9, Mac OS X, Windows 95/98/Me/2K/XP and Unix/Linux. i will not be doing anything else on this site unless i have the time :)

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