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October 9, 2008

From Now On, It's Amazon Reviews Only

Why would you go anywhere else other than Amazon for your review needs? I mean, look at this epic review for the 360 version of Fracture:

i got game soon and i dont like well. Guys shot dont fall down and grond moves around an stuff. i dont rent i buy an i no happy. it ok if u not smart or kid but i adult an i return. Ok good but no ok good just ok good. Get.

That's awesome, but so is this equally amazing response from a reader:

you're reviews suck; not little suck; big suck; you go back to cave and try to make fire. no push green button on x-box. no go to gamestore and buy game. just make fire and think about where next meal will come from. maybe da dumpster?


April 5, 2008

Today's "This is a Waste of My Time" Game

Stupid, stupid flash game. Filler is addictive. Fill the screen with growing balls (heh) and avoid the smaller ones in the process.

March 30, 2008

Back from Midwest Gaming Classic

Got back from Midwest Gaming Classic about 7 PM this evening. Had a lot of fun, great to meet people of Digital Press in person. Matt you sure missed a good time, and some good parties. More on the show later.

March 6, 2008

Lord Riccivader and the Evil Acquirers

Seriously funny take on the site. Check it out,

March 1, 2008

Street Fighter: The Later Years - The Finale

Dear god. Get this series out on DVD tomorrow guys.

The final chapter is freakin' hilarious, especially the outtakes at the end. Without spoiling anything, the two guys on the street fighting with the pan shot going up was too perfect. Total geek out moment.

October 27, 2007

The Gamer - The Trailer

Funny little clip of what would happen if games to life in the real world. Tetris, the Metal Gear theme, and the ending GTA parody are priceless.

Oh, and in contrary to what the chick says in the opening, you CAN go through college gaming. You won't do well, but it can be done.

October 24, 2007

Pimping Myself Out

I've begun writing for two new sites in the past month. One is, a blog focusing on, well, mutli-player games (duh?). This includes downloadables and such as well. The other is, a more professional site trying to bring some cred to the journalism side of things.

Visit them often or I'll... uh, hmm... let me see. I'll think of something. Really. So just do it. Now, preferably. Remember, I have a Gamerscore of 50K, and that's me important.

May 4, 2007

I hate Flash sites, part XIII

I hate Flash sites. This is ancient history on this blog. I loath Flash sites for video games. Especially when they crash my browser on repeated attempts to load the site. All I want to do is copy the system requirements for an email and I have to sit through a flipping Flash preloader.

The Flash site for the game Ancient Wars: Sparta will not load in Safari 2.0.4 or Firefox on the Mac. Its not like I have an ancient computer (har har).

My 1 Ghz PowerBook with 1 GB of RAM, while old, can handle some rather Flash-intense Web sites. But not this one (which I am not even going to link to).

Every last one of these sites should have an HTML version. This is utterly ridiculous. I can't wait to test this site out on my G5 and Dell Inspiron tomorrow, just to see how bad it is.

April 20, 2007


Monkey + Sharp object + Balloons - Cheese = Greatest Flash Game Ever.

April 7, 2007

Dragon's Lair Blu-ray = $49.95

Yea, you read that right, Dragon's Lair on Blu-ray will set you back $50.

It has a lot of extras. Is it worth it? Does nostalgia + extras + frame-by-frame cleanup = $50?

Digital Leisure is obviously betting on it. Space Ace and Dragon's Lair II are up next for them too.

It has some nice options, such as Home or Arcade game, as well as a hard difficulty mode.

February 26, 2007

Incredibly Rare Imagic Video

Proving that YouTube truly has it all comes this three part look at one of the earliest third party gaming companies. This has to be one of the first in-depth reports on the home gaming market, if not one of the last before the crash. Well worth watching if you have any interest in the classics.

February 13, 2007

Dixmor Hospital for the Criminally Insane

Those clever PR people...

Sorry the photos are crap, I was in a hurry -- but it was funny so wanted to post it.

February 2, 2007

I Have a YouTube Video

Okay, I know. "So does my grandma!" Well, I suck at this type of stuff. Not only did I manage to get it up on YouTube, I captured it myself using this nifty, uh, it's a uh.... crap. Hang on. Let me find the box.



Ah, Neuros MPEG 4 Recorder. Easy to use and you can now see some nasty Street Fighter II Turbo 3DO skills I captured all by myself.

January 30, 2007

Mustache Battle: Mario v. VanVonderen

My roommate and I are addicted to A&E's Intervention. We're the type of sickos who find it a little funny. Sure, sometimes it's heartbreaking, like when a young girl prostitutes herself to buy heroin or some mother's eating disorder is beginning to be mimicked by her infant daughter. These are serious, socially recognized addictions, handled in a stark and very sincere way.

So I couldn't stop laughing when they featured a kid addicted to video games.

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January 8, 2007

British Parliament Member Goes Off on Games

It's a ridiculous rant with tons of great comments, oddly similar to the just as awful on Bill O'Reily made a few weeks back.

December 21, 2006

Download Japanese Shmups

This page has a few different shmups you should try. Windows only of course, and free. Thanks to Andy for the link.

December 20, 2006

Another One Bites the Dust

He shoots, and the game locks up completely!

That's the scenario when your kina/sorta close to launch day Xbox 360 decides it doesn't like working anymore. Mine is gone without warning as I kept getting an odd checker board-like pattern on my screen before it quit completely. I though it was Viva Pinata, but then it died during Blitz the League and Rainbow Six. Called support, tried their troubleshooting (it locked up without the hard drive too), and it's going back.

This all of course happens the day before a new Arcade release, the new gameplay-filled Halo 3 trailer, and the day I get Viva Pinata. Surprise, surprise. Of course this couldn't happen during the summer when nothing new is coming. Ah well, thanks for your help woman whose name wasn't Jean becuase you were obviously in Win Pon Puu, China. Texas, here comes another one that one of your customers have to pay shipping on!

November 23, 2006

Interview with a PS3 Camper

When we started PS3 pre-orders, I snagged a small interview with some of the kids waiting outside our store. That interview turned into a story for the Free Press. If you ever wanted to know what these people (like Ken) are thinking, this is a pretty good indicator.

November 20, 2006

Best Buy Thins HD-DVD/Blu-Ray

Interesting article on the format war. Why pull the discs when two of the cheapest players (360 and PS3) hit the stores in the past few weeks?

November 12, 2006

PS3 Availability in Bowling Green

Bowling Green is not big. If it were not for the college, it would just be another farm town. The estimated July 2005 population sits at 29,793. That's small potatoes.

Console launches are never fun here. There is Meijer, and Wal-Mart. Those are the only stores that we have now with a dedicated video game section (we had a Sam Goody, but they went the way of the dodo). There is 2 Play and C & C Games, but they won't be getting any PS3s at launch.

There is a GameStop going in next to Wal-Mart, but that won't happen until after the PS3 and Wii launch.

Wal-Mart told me they will have 10 units. It is a Super Wal-Mart, so it is open 24 hrs. I suspect getting there by Thursday at 8 AM will be the bare minimum to get a unite on Day 1.

Meijer can't even tell me how many they will get. "One or Two" was the best I could get, and that was a guess. This is not a surprise. They got four Xbox 360s at launch, and six PS2s when it launched.

There isn't going to be a snowball's chance in hell of picking up a PS3 on Day 1 in Bowling Green.

November 10, 2006

Gears of War

Long before I write a review, which will be extremely difficult to do, I need to get this out there:

Gears of War is one of the best games ever made. Period.

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October 29, 2006

Play All Those Blue Bottom PS2 Games

As amazing as it may sound, my launch day PS2 is still in full swing. It was fine until a few months back, the dreaded DRE showed up on blue bottom (CD-ROM) discs and started giving me trouble. This week, it finally said enough and stopped playing them entirely. Of course, this was also the week of EB's B2G1 free sale, and the three games I bought are all blue bottom.

That led me to Google, and this glorious link. It works. Your PS2 may not look exactly like that (that's a later model in the pics), but the solution is a perfect fix. Now, back to Riiiiiidge Racer! Sorry. I had to.

October 26, 2006

Tiger Woods 07 Tiger Challenge

I think it should be known that I am much farther than Matt in Tiger Woods 07. This simply does not happen. It is akin to Matt playing over 100 hours in Oblivion, while I only have 20 in.

Oh, and the last three matches we have played on Live ended with me winning. I am waiting for a rematch, Matt.

Tonight I completed the Tiger Challenge, beating Tiger on his "Dream 18" course. This was not easy by any means, I beat him just as I beat the opponent before him, in double sudden death.

I have no reached "Legend" status with all my attributes maxed at 100% plus those stupid stat bonuses they put on clothing and such.

This did not unlock Sunday Tiger, however, so I am not sure what does. They had better not stripped it out of this version only to make you buy it for an outrageous 240 Microsoft Points.

Some other stats: 8 Trophy Balls obtained, and 1 Eagle Trophy Ball obtained (so far). And thank god there are no random people yelling "I love this game" on almost every hole (See: Tiger 07 on Xbox)

October 3, 2006

Pay for Achievement Points

Now where did I put my checkbook...?

The least they could do is toss in a few PS3 Entitlements at no extra charge.

September 30, 2006

Video Game Addiction Show

A three part video from Gamepolitics from a British TV station. The first part is simply hysterical. "I'm powerless to stop him!" Gee, that power cord coming from the wall wouldnt be a solution now would it? And then the mother who has a kid that screams when he stops. She blames the games, and then says shed rather have the quiet so she let's him keep playing. At least it's not only Americans who are this stupid when it comes to parenting.

September 22, 2006

Test Drive Unlimited Photos

Right now you can only upload photos to in the game, you cannot retrieve them yet. On the message boards, there are instructions on how to get the images from the Xbox 360 hard drive.

Here is an image I took in the game. I was lucky enough to have my Atari PR contact email it to me. The community site, which will have the ability to download the photos you took in the game, is not complete. At this point the photos do get uploaded to the TDU servers, that is how I got the image below.

I was not given a date as to when the community site would be complete, only that the European Atari team is working on it now.

WARNING: The full sized image is 1280x736.

September 16, 2006

Top 1% Gamerscore on

I had lost this distinction/badge a while back after having it for about a week. Once more people found the site, I dropped off. Well, the past week, I decided to get my "Elite Score Whore" badge back. As such, after over a thousand points, I got it right back. It's bad enough the achievements are addictive, and now these bastards decided to add "badges" to the mix. That's just what I needed.

On a side note, I no longer have the Call of Duty complete badge since it no longer exists. Not sure why they deleted badges.

September 15, 2006

Test Drive Unlimited Arrived Today

Today I received a nice care package from Atari. It has a copy of Test Drive Unlimited for Xbox 360, but came with some unexpected stuff too.

A DVD containing the five videos on Xbox Live Marketplace, as well as high resolution WMV files of the walkthrough videos. The video content was embargoed until today, but where would Blogcritics find the bandwidth for that? I don't think those will go online.

Even more suprising, the Prima strategy guide for the game, was included. While this does include a lot of useful info, including stats for every vehicle in the game, I don't think it was required. But it sure was nice of them.

The two demos of TDU didn't do it justice. The lighting model is fixed (something I did not like in the demos) and the game is much better in the full version. I guess it is really hard to depict a MMO "CarPG" in a demo.

Full review soon. But my first few hours of play have been great.

September 12, 2006

Mario Hoops 3 on 3

GolinHarris always comes up with great packaging ideas for Nintendo products. This time with a mini hoop for Mario Hoops 3 on 3 (which is a lot of fun, by the way).

September 7, 2006

Dead Rising 60,000 Kills Walkthrough

Dead Rising is such a great game! YouTube walkthrough.

September 6, 2006

Dead Rising Flash Map

What a great map this is.

September 3, 2006

Dead Rising Secrets

The guys at have put together a video showcasing ways to get PP and weapons in Dead Rising. We all know how important PP is (sorry, I couldn't resist). Hit the jump for the video.

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New Forza 2 Trailer

Have you seen the new trailer yet? Check it out after the break. My guess is that this trailer is all in-game, with replay cameras and actual game footage shown with no HUD. There are a lot of things that say "in-game footage."

I can't tell you how excited I am about this game. Well, I could, but then you would call me a sick and deranged human being. Forza for the Xbox was one of my favorite games for that system, a game that I still play.

You could click "continue reading" to see the Flash video, or check out the HD footage on

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August 29, 2006

Microsoft Xbox 360 Headset Sucks

There is one person out there that I know will agree with me on this one, without hesitation. Matt, who has gone through four of these things, has really been screwed over with the 360's headset.

Today mine broke. I went to put it on and it fell apart at the point where it swivels. So mine lasted 10 months. A far better average than Matt for sure, but still, that is horrible. I take very good care of my headset, especially after enduring the stories of Matt's malfunctioning ones.

So right now I am using my AX360 for voice. I am not about to buy another wired headset. I will wait until the wireless headset comes out and hope to God that for $60 that it is not a piece of shit.

At least I did not have to go through the fiasco with Microsoft Support that Matt did with all his headset/controller issues. Knock on wood.

I am not even going to call Microsoft support. I am sure they would tell me that I was mishandling my headset, and that is why it fell apart.

Reset Bleach DS Data

I bought a used copy of Bleach DS. Resetting the data is not a trivial task, as none of the menus are in English (of course).

To delete the Bleach DS data, there are no button combination at the startup screen, but rather you must go into the menus.

SCREEN 1: On the menu screen choose option (second from the bottom).
SCREEN 2: On the option screen select the third option from the top.
SCREEN 3: Select the last option, Save data.
SCREEN 4: It will show four options: Game Data, Record Data, Wi-Fi Data, and All data. Select any one of them and it will then give you a (yes/no) prompt if you want to delete the data.

Thanks to Carlson at Mad-Gear for help on this.

Starfox Command Packaging

When I got back from the ECGXpo I had three games waiting for me. Madden NFL 07, which goes to Matt (since he already reviewed two versions of the game) Saints Row, and Starfox Command.

I am happy to say that Saints Row is even better than the demo, and even has some surprises for the beginning that were not in the demo.

Starfox Command is equally impressive. You control the ship entirely with the stylus, which is something I was not expecting. Like Metroid Prime Hunters, it takes a little time to get adjusted to.

The photo below is the box that Starfox Command came in, complete with two bags of peanuts and an "Air Sickness Bag." They love their packaging.

August 28, 2006

Back from ECGXpo 2006

Last night we got back from our trip to Reading, PA. Let me just say that that town has some messed up streets. The hotel, and subsequently the expo, was a bitch to find.

But I had fun, and got a bunch of stuff I have been looking to get. I didn't pick up anything retro, as I spent all my money on imports and funding my friend's loot too. Note to self: don't forget about loan to Christina.


Castlevania "WMD" shirt
Resident Evil "Umbrella Corporation" shirt
ECGXpo '06 shirt
ECGXpo '06 poster (10 of 24)
ECGXpo '06 hot sauce (16 of 24)
Donkey Konga 1+2 Bundle Pack
NEO GEO Battle Coliseum
Jump Super Stars
Bleach DS
Osu! Tatake! Ouenden!
Mawashite Koron
Naruto 4
Confessions of the Game Doctor (autographed)

August 24, 2006

Two Demos on XBLM Today

I am curious about Just Cause. It is a good thing there is demo, or it might just fly under my radar. I think others feel the same way.

The big new demo is a Test Drive Unlimited demo #2. From the press release:

The new demo gives players a sample of online and offline play on 40 miles of open roads on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. Players will find prime real estate, three cars – the Ferrari F430, Ford Mustang GT Coupe and AC 289 – and one motorbike, the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R.

The Test Drive Unlimited demo offers various challenges, including four offline challenges and two online challenges, allowing up to eight players to race simultaneously. In addition, gamers can launch instant challenges against anyone they encounter on the road, or just burn gallons of virtual gasoline tearing around the lush tropical roads in free ride. Other demo enhancements include gear changes, customizable speed blur effects, optional in-car camera vibrations, fully operational vsync, and handling refinements.

August 20, 2006

Kururin Squash! Import

My latest batch of gaming goodies from Play-Asia arrived Friday. One of which is Kururin Squash! for the GameCube. I have played the GBA game Kuru Kuru Kururin, this being a sequel. It is even better than the GBA game.

This is also my first GC import. Does anyone have any recommendations for others? I would love to find Donkey Konga 3 but that looks like a hard to find one.

August 16, 2006

HD-DVD/Blu-Ray Performance Poor

Home Media Retailing has a write up on retailers problems with both formats, one even calling it the "worst execution of a new technology." Maybe this won't play a role in the 360/PS3 war?

July 26, 2006

Pay To Learn Halo 2

One of those "why didn't I think of that" scenarios, this guy has made a buisness out of teaching people "da skillz" in Halo 2. Yes, people are paying $45 AN HOUR to become better gamers. Maybe they should head to EB and get a strategy guide for $12?

July 25, 2006

Hot Coffee Old News, Princess Peach on DS New Threat

We here at Breaking Windows have discovered a new mini-game inside the DS title Super Princess Peach that brings with it entirely new ways to enjoy the touch features of the DS. It could be an entirely new threat to modern civilization.

Actually, I found it browsing a message board. And it's only a phony photoshop. Still pretty damned funny after the break.

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July 24, 2006

Prey Platform Decision 2006

GameSpot has a head-to-head of Prey on PC and Xbox 360. If anything, it makes me happy I paid for a $400 Xbox 360 and not a $400 graphics card.

Mac OS X Widgets for Xbox 360 Users

Desktop Stats has two different Widgets available for OS X. Desktop Stats Viewer is the newest, and most customizable. The Gamercard Widget just displays a gamercard. Both are great at what they do, and I encourage you to download both of them.

The developer is working on newer versions of both Widgets, and has said will incorporate some suggestions I have made. Here is a screen of the DSV Widget:

Games industry 'burns out talent'

The games industry has a long hours culture that is burning out young talent, UK union Bectu has warned.
Source: BBC NEWS

To be honest, I have not ever heard of someone working less than eight hours a day, when working on a video game.

July 23, 2006

What Game Developers Hate About Videogame Reviewers

They smile at junkets, exchange pleasantries at E3 and treat the enthusiast press exceptionally well, but behind closed doors, many game developers take a dim view of videogame reviewers. Media Coverage looks at the key reasons why and asks you for more.
Source: GameDaily

Yet another link I bookmarked a week ago or so. The short version:

  • Developers hate game reviewers that only play their games for a few hours
  • Developers hate game reviewers because they don't understand games that are targeted for a specific audience
  • Developers hate game reviewers who review games in proxy for an entire genre.
  • Developers hate game reviewers who have no idea what it takes to make a game.
Sadly, I see these things in a lot of reviews I read.

July 22, 2006

The Patent That’s Keeping the Stars Apart

This is a good discussion on the effect patents have had on video games. I could quote something, but I am feeling rather lazy right now.

Q&A: 360 Backward Compatibility pro Albert Penello

Microsoft's director of global platform marketing tells us why some games make the cut and others don't, and what Barbie has in common with Tommy Vercetti.
Source: GameSpot

This was posted at the beginning of June. I am cleaning out my bookmarks. But this is a good interview to read.

July 18, 2006

Original Resident Evil 4 Footage

We've all read about how they completely changed the game, but here's what it used to look like. In all honesty, if it wasn't for the camera, I'd probably like this version better. Tons of scares in this video alone.

Real Life Tekken

Sweet video of two guys "playing" Tekken. Far more entertaining than the game itself. You can skip to the 1:30 mark and miss nothing.

June 22, 2006

Lewis Black on Video Games

It's an older clip, but still funny as hell. His thoughts on State of Emergency are by far the best.

June 20, 2006

Video Games and Food

Ever wonder what Pac-Man would look like as a pizza, like how the original idea came about? What if games were done with everyday objects? Well, this nifty little short shows us. Check out the afterburner on the Asteroids ship!

June 16, 2006

Best Buy Gamespot Ad from Cheap Ass Gamer

You might have seen this ridiculous ad from Best Buy over at Gamespot. It's pretty hard to miss.

However, we should always leave things up to CAG to give us the real inside story. They have a far better eye for these things.

Amazon's Liberty City Stories List Price is Misleading

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories retails for $19.99, everywhere. In fact, that is the MSRP, stated on a press release from Take Two. But Amazon wants you to think you are "saving" 33% on the deal.

The List Price, according to Amazon, is $29.99, and they are, of course, selling it for $19.99. This is total bull, and a practice I have never seen before from Amazon.

I noticed this while posting my Liberty City Stories review on Blogcritics, and will now pay closer attention to the List Price stated.

June 12, 2006

Gaming in the Mainstream Media

FiringSquad decided to contact journalists from a variety of well known national mainstream news outlets to get their opinions on covering the game industry from their perspective. Overall, we found that they are all making a bigger push to cover the industry and that could affect how video and PC games are perceived in the mass media in the future (there is one rather large exception to this trend, however, which we will get to later).
Source: FiringSquad

Interesting read, I'll put it that way -- check it out.

June 10, 2006

Man steals 60 games in pants

Sometimes the simplest plans are the most effective. One gamer managed to steal 60 PlayStation Portable games from a Myrtle Beach Blockbuster yesterday, not by digging a tunnel or using some secret spy equipment--he simply stuck them in his pants, reports
Source: GameSpot

Wait, the PSP has 60 games?

June 9, 2006

DS LIte Arrived

My DS Lite arrived at about 11:38:27 this morning. I didn't get the nifty packaging though! Just the DS Lite box in a FedEx bag. I guess I am not "special" enough.

I turned it on and went blind immediately. You will have to wait for my full review for more.

June 8, 2006

Nintendo GolinHarris Booby-Traps DS Lite Press Boxes?

Yes, arrantly, they do. After what they did with the New Super Mario Bros. box, I am not surprised.

But I will have to wait until tomorrow to hear that glorious trumpet coming from my FedEx'd box. I have been told, by two GH folks actually, that I should get it then.

Don't hate me because I am one lucky SOB. Unless you are Njiska, of course.

And if you think I am going to take video of opening my DS Lite box, you are out of your gourd.

June 6, 2006

DS v. PSP Collection

A while ago I read on Digital Press a thread about DS v. PSP collections. Since DP is going through some growing pains... or something, and I cannot search or post, I will post here.

Without even counting, I am sure my PSP collection is bigger. This is just for the fact that I just recently bought a bunch of used PSP games at rock bottom store-closing prices. So lets take a look:

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New Burnout Clips!

I F****** HATE BURNOUT CLIPS! I just got one. I am not about to put in Burnout Revenge to see your burnout clips. Hint: you do not need to send them to get your achievement.

And while I am on a rant here. STOP SENDING ME HALO 2 MESSAGES. I cannot read them in the Dashboard, and again, I am not going to put Halo 2 in the drive just to read the message.

And for god sakes, get a better game to play online. Hint: Halo 2 sucks online.

June 5, 2006

Best Game Commercial Ever

Whenever someone asks what the greatest video game commercial of all time is, I waste no time in saying "Syphon Filter 2 Taser Spot." Well, I found someone who has it online for all of us to enjoy. I still lose it whenever Gabe points to the weapon selection to show the the guy his choices.

Reinventing The Gaming Addiction with 360 Achievements

The 360 achievement system gives the casual gamers and the hardcore gamers one more outlet of addiction. For years I have been playing games and occasionally beating the games but the end result is always the same: shelf the game for life. The 360 achievement system changes all that by making games full feature set more desirable.
Source: 2old2play

I have been meaning to post this for a while, as the site is right up my ally, "a web site for gamers over 25."

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June 2, 2006

Mustache and all: Nintendo Amusement Park

I cannot say I am exactly sure what the Nintendo Amusement Park is, based on the lo-fi website, but the video speaks for itself.

PSP Plays Porn in School - A Fox News Story

Mainstream reporters seem to have a thing for portable video game systems. A few months after a mess of a story on Nintendo's DS, Fox 9 out of Minneapolis has apparently exposed a serious problem with Sony's PSP: It can show porn. Worse yet, it can show porn inside a school where innocent young minds will forever be warped by the mysteries of the internet.

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May 30, 2006

Top 10 Strangest Gadgets of the Future

Check out the Top 10 Strangest Gadgets of the Future. A number of them are gaming related, including a fully immersive virtual environment (something that I actually have experience using and coding for thanks to my BGSU education) and the “On Target” Video Game Urinal that is already a reality.

I want a transparent toaster. Just for the hell of it.

May 11, 2006

E3 2006: TRITTON XA360 5.1 Headphones

TRITTON Technologies has introduced a headphone/headset combo that is compatible with a bevy of devices. From PlayStation 2/3, Xbox, and Xbox 360, to PC, Mac, and even DVD players, you will be able to experience Dolby Digital and Pro Logic sound separation in full 5.1.

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May 8, 2006

Classic Review Line

Uusally I'm not one to enjoy cheap humor in my reviews (it's way out of hand these days), but if you can do it right, I'm all for it. In the case of this month's Play, Casey Loe had this to say in the process of reviewing Capcom Classics Collection on the PSP:

If you're any older you'll surely huff that, "Pitfall, now that's a classic" and if you're a teenager now, you'll probably laugh out loud at the simplistic crap dumb Gen-X'ers like me lived for and then go back to beating nuns in whatever rapper-endorsed trash you'll consider "classic" long after I'm dead.

Sad, true, and pricelss.

April 30, 2006

Game Deals And Insane Prices

Today we have two tails from the opposite side of the coin.

My local Meijer is selling Top Spin 2 for Xbox 360, a game that has a MSRP price of $39.99, for the full price of $59.99. They also see fit to selling Brain Age for $24.95, a game that retails every other place in the US for $19.99. They can go take a long walk off a short pier. Meijer's prices have never been this horrible for games.

Across town at the (s)mall where Sam Goody is going out of business, all games are 30% off. If you buy four or more, you get them all at 40% off. A friend called to tell me this, and that they still have "pretty good selection." I will have to see for myself.

April 23, 2006

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Demo

Every fatality, terrible animalities, friendships (look for all the Midway references!), and babalities are here in one nice little video.

April 21, 2006

E3 2006: What Will Never Be

No, no E3 news here. I won't be breaking any thrilling news in the world of gaming this year. It is a real shame too. Not unless someone wants to fly me to LA and put me up in a hotel for free, it is not gonna happen this year.

I am pretty steamed about it too. I just know this year's E3 is going to be great. I want to get my hands on the Revolution, the DS Lite, etc, etc. I would love to see first hand the PS3 and Xbox 360 software.

I had a chance to, too. Being the Blogcritics Gaming Editor gets me in the door to all the great stuff at E3, but I don't have the money to go. A couple people have told me they spend over $1000 on the flight, hotel, and food, and I believe it.

Take for example when you go to the movies these days, you know. They try to sell you this jumbo drink, 8 extra ounces of watered down cherry coke for an extra 25 cents. I don’t want it. -- Jimmy Buffet
So I will be sitting here in Ohio watching the videos, visiting the PR site, waiting to hear all the fun stuff. Yay.

And I could have been there. Being broke sucks.

This ends the obligatory "you should feel sorry for me" blog post for today. Check back tomorrow and Ken might recite even more great Buffett quotes.

April 8, 2006

Mario Pranksters From Ravenna Won't Be Charged

It seems some sanity still exist in this world. Charges will not be filed against the six girls who strewn Super Mario question mark blocks all around their tiny Ohio town on April Fool's day. According to Portage County Prosecutor Victor V. Vigluicci, "I do not believe that they had any bad or malicious intentions ... [the girls] were not thinking about the consequences of their actions in this day and age."
Source: Joystiq

I figured they would not get any kind of reprimand for this. I can't believe that Portage County is that concerned "in this day and age." They just wanted the media attention, and they sure got it, nation wide. Too bad it makes Portage County and Ravenna look like a bunch of hicks without a clue.

Oh wait...

April 3, 2006

Tiny Ohio Town (Ravenna) Freaked Out By Mario Prank

Yes, Ravenna Ohio, my home town. Njiska alerted me to this article on Joystiq. Funny thing is, he had no idea Ravenna was my home town!

You can also read the story from the Record Courier, and this story from the Akron Beacon Journal.

The bomb squad, HAZMAT, Kent and Ravenna fire, Portage County support offices were all called in. This is going to cost Portage County a lot of money. All for some cardboard boxes! The crux is the girls may see criminal charges from the Portage County Prosecutors Office. How wrong is that, its an April Fools prank!

The quotes from the police chief are just priceless: "This game is evidently being played all over the country.”

This is a joke most people get. But in Ravenna, the bomb squad is called in. Yes, I am such a proud (Ravenna) Ohioan right now. I called my good friend who works at the Record Courier was not available for comment. Oh well. I will keep calling to see what, if anything, comes of this.

Placing the boxes on the steps of the Catholic Church in downtown Ravenna might not have been the brightest idea. Turning themselves in was a smart move though, I will give them that.

The "official" site of the mario question boxes even picked this story up, having this to say:

To clarify some of the points in the article: this is not a sinister 'game', it is supposed to be a comment on public spaces being routinely used for advertising (billboards, etc) but not for art (these boxes). Also, despite what Ravenna Police Chief Randall McCoy says, the purpose of these boxes is not "just to see what kind of response you get". It is to bring a smile to people's faces, to get them to connect with their neighbours, to bring colour into an otherwise grey urban landscape. Posterchild and myself are both deeply sorry that things are not working out in Ravenna.

March 31, 2006

Blazing Angels Xbox 360 Demo

I just finally tried out the Blazing Angels demo. And what I have to say must be censored.

The (censored) Blazing Angels demo is (censored) ridiculous. Who the (censored) would require you to play through such a (censored) (censored) training mission before actually playing the game.

I have yet to finish the training mission. It is almost impossible. Why would a training mission be difficult to complete? The game looks great. The controls feel fine. But holy hell that is the worst training mission I have ever seen.

Welcome to EA Online, Meancode

I received this email today:

Welcome, Meancode

Thanks for playing on Xbox Live. The EA and Xbox Live partnership gives you an even deeper and richer experience on the website, including access to your personal stats, rankings and more.

Just link your Gamertag to an EA Account to get the most out of your online experience by clicking here.

Once you get linked, you can access your stats, leaderboards, the latest news, events, and more at

For customer support, please visit us at

I signed on, but did not even play one game, to the Battlefield 2: Modern Combat Demo. In that amount of time I got spammed by EA!

Reguardless, it was quite simple to link my EA account and my Gamertag. I already had an EA account from playing SSX 3 on PS2 and Madden NFL 06 (briefly) on PSP.

1. Sign In
2. Click Button

It was really that simple because the form had all my data from my Gamertag info.

Q: Are we getting too connected here?
A: No, we already are.

March 30, 2006

Sam Goody Closes Doors In BG

It is no surprise that Sam Goody is going out of business, or rather changing their name to FYE. Hopefully FYE will not be any worse than Sam Goody was.

At any rate, the (s)mall's Sam Goody in Bowling Green is having one of those nifty bittersweet liquidation sales. Most everything in the store is 20% off, while other things are 25% off. The games are only 20% off, and I saw nothing I truly needed. Yep, that is correct -- you heard me -- I walked out of the store without a game.

That is more than I can say for Matt, considering the last time we were there (his first) he bought $20 of clearance items that I would classify as "junk," other than a cheap copy of NFL Street 2 for the Xbox. This was a trip I get yelled at for too, because I made him spend the money. Yea, that's it.

So maybe it is a good thing Sam Goody is changing to FYE. No more forcing Matt into buying any more junk that he already bought two days before for twice the money. That is a plus.

What really sucks is the Replay Points that I have at Sam Goody. I need to call them and inquire about those. It is really nice getting $5 and $10 off on new video games, like Oblivion, which I just bought from Sam Goody last week.

Swindled on eBay

I guess I had it coming. It has been at least five years since I got screwed out of an auction on eBay. On March 10th I bought Ultimate Block Party for the PSP, a Buy It Now auction. On March 15th I got a USPS notice email, as I payed immediately via PayPal -- this all seemed very normal and acceptable to me. Only the USPS email only gave me a tracking number, no actual package tracking included. I checked in a couple days, but nothing. On March 23 I sent an email. On March 27th I sent another email. It is now March 30th and all I have received is an automated email telling me to use the eBay message system as the seller gets a lot of spam otherwise.

No I don't know about you, but I get quite a lot of spam that looks like it came from the eBay message center. So I do not know how a personal "hey what's going on with my game" email could be construed as spam. At any rate I used the eBat message center and fired off both of my previous emails that way.

As I said, it is March 30th, and still nothing. In a few more days I am going to go ape-shit on this seller, because I want my game and I worked hard for that money. 98.4% positive feedback or not, don't buy anything from "moviecheapnet," I never will again.

I notice the game is covered under PayPal Buyer Protection, so I may have to go that rout. Just a FYI, you have 45 days to file for it.

Underwhelming Revolution Specs

Thanks to IGN and some anonymous tips, the Revolution specs are out in the wild. With the CPU and GPU close to that of the original Xbox, a lot of people are up in arms right now.

This news really does not surprise me. If Nintendo is going to sell the Revolution for $200, or whatever, then it is not going to push the envelope. The only thing that did surprise me in the report is the lack of shader technology on the GPU. But then again, I do not think it is needed for the Revolution.

Nintendo has stated before that the PS3 and Xbox 360 are not direct competition, and now that is clear more than ever. We will obviously have to wait and see, but I bet Nintendo is going to come out of this smelling like roses.

March 29, 2006

Interview: Doug Lowenstein on the Video Game Voters Network

The Video Game Voters Network was established as an outlet for video gamers to get their message out about the onslaught of anti-game legislation that's growing by the day. The orginization was started by Doug Lowenstien, president of the ESA. In this exclusive interview, Mr. Lowenstein discusses the VGVN and why it's an important tool to any gamer looking to stop government regulation of any kind in the industry.

Continue reading "Interview: Doug Lowenstein on the Video Game Voters Network" »

March 22, 2006

Are you a fanboy?

Now you can take the test, and find out for yourself! This is how I scored:

Nintendo Fanboy: 39%
Sony Fanboy: 42%
Microsoft Fanboy: 33%

This means you're: Not a fanboy

What does it mean?

You like all the systems pretty equally, or at least don't love any of thes systesms. Good for you, you like vareiety. User Test: The Better Fanboy Check Test.

March 19, 2006

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - PC or 360?

This is not an easy question to answer. And with only a matter of days before we are all lost in Oblivion, IGN has one last preview/comparison.

Custer's Revenge Misunderstood

Yes, that game. Here is an explanation, but put your boots on. If you have never seen the cartridge cover mentioned, check it out!

Accessory Review: Cellfan Vinyl Skins For Mobile Devices

Cellfan is yet another place that sells skins for gaming and mobile devices. But these skins are not made out of stickers; they are made out of vinyl. Cellfan lists skins for hundreds of mobile phone brands, a multitude of laptop manufacturers, as well as MP3 players, PDAs, and of course game consoles. If you look hard enough you will even find skins for a Mac mini and a TiVo.

Continue reading "Accessory Review: Cellfan Vinyl Skins For Mobile Devices" »

March 15, 2006

Exclusive Marc Ecko Interview On Blogcritics

After he ticked some people off with his "gamers are pissy" statement, we had to get the full story. As such, the exclusive follow up interview is now up on Blogcritics.

March 10, 2006

From The "These Guys Have Way To Much Time On Their Hands" Category

Sure, we've all seen Mario speed runs, but none side by side where they finish just a split second between themselves.

DS Lite GBA Slot Sucks

As seen in this video, the GBA slot on the DS Lite sucks. I don't play many GBA games, but I do like the DS Rumble Pak, which happens to be in the form of a GBA cart. Cabel's first look video/photos are worth a look too.

How could they overlook this? I take design very seriously and cannot fathom why/how they could not fix this problem before production.

Although I will most likely buy one for the brightness of the screen. It is brighter than the PSP screen after all. But I am not going to pay full price for the DS Lite. I may be crazy, but not that crazy.

March 9, 2006

PSP Adverts In London

A Flickr gallery. Some are just brilliant advertising, such as "Fast Getaway Here" on the side of a double-decker. But these have stirred up controversy, namely "Take A Running Jump Here" placed right next to a subway platform.

March 8, 2006

Metal Gear Awesome

This one is better than that Ultimate Utopia XXIII video that I posted a couple days ago! Much. Better. Why? Because of all the "in" Metal Gear Solid jokes. You will be in stitches.

March 6, 2006

Ultimate Utopia XXIII

If there ever was a spoof of Final Fantasy X, this is it. You can check out the YouTube version or even get a higher rez version here.

If you are not in tears laughing after you watch this, please check your pulse. And thanks to Jordan for pointing this and that Xbox 360 ad out.

Enter the world of Ultimate Utopia XXIII where real life and video game collide!

This movie is a mock on RPGS particularly Final Fantasy. I came up with this idea a year ago and decided to finally do it. It was a lot of working coordinating the menus and numbers and such. About one week of editing using Premiere, AE, and AlamDV. One day of shooting.

I hope you have as much fun watching it as I had making it! =)

Banned Xbox 360 Ad

This advertisement was deemed not suitable for air by Microsoft's lawyers.

March 1, 2006

Real Life World of Warcraft

Kotaku has a Google Video that is a must see. The Leroy Jenkins reference is priceless.

February 17, 2006

Hysterically Funny Christian Game Video

Good 'ol Jack Thompson posted this over at After seeing it, maybe it all makes sense why he's insane. He actually believes this crap. You have to love it when they turn Smash Bros. into something so brutal, never show any clips of the kids talking about any other non-violent games, and then end up spinning the whole thing into a tragedy about how the kids don't own Christian video games. Also note the total lack of mention of the other side of the research.

February 14, 2006

DS Lite Diet Facts

For a system that looks so good, playing GBA games, quite frankly, doesn't look good. Due to the smaller form factor, all cartridges stick out an extra centimeter or so, so you're not likely to store a GBA game there in case for the off chance you decide to play it.
Source: Aussie-Nintendo via Joystiq

When the photo came out showing the GBA cart not flush with the DS Lite, I wondered if this was the case. This is bad design. It is not as bad as a GBC game in a GBA SP, but the GBA cart is small. Nintendo should have designed the DS Lite for a flush GBA cart.

Metroid Prime Pinball, among other games coming out, use the rumble pak that uses the GBA slot. So it is not just GBA games that Nintendo overlooked. The rumble pak for the DS proves that there are more functions for the GBA slot then just older games.

February 11, 2006

Hidden Xbox 360 Achievement Points

Ken didn't believe me when I told him the Xbox 360 had hidden Achievement Points. Well, they've been found. Oddly, I've experienced them all and have yet to get my points.

February 9, 2006

Dead or Alive 4 Progress

I picked up Dead or Alive 4 the day it came out. I was so excited. My first 360 game past launch!

I really dig the DOA games. DOA2 on the Dreamcast was one of my favorites for that system. I have DOA2 on the PS2, DOA3 on the Xbox and DOA Ultimate on the Xbox. Like I said, I dig the series.

My joy quickly turned south after playing DOA4 for the first time. It was not because it was on a crappy 27" SDTV, it was because I suck at DOA4! What the hell did they do to my favorite fighting game? The timing for counters and throws are now paper thin. The window of opportunity to perry your opponent in DOA3 seams like eternity in comparison to DOA4.

That was in late December. It is now February and I have completed all of the Story Modes, finished a little Time Attack, and spent many nights up playing DOA4 on Xbox Live.

I quickly fell from C to D, E, and even F ranking on Xbox Live. Wow that is far. I am now up to a D, and even had a C- for a little bit. I still cannot counter very well but I am getting better at blocking. And yes, I have every zero-point Achievement in the game. But I do have a gold star!

Was it worth the purchase? You bet.

January 30, 2006

Diary of an Achievement Point- Addicted Xbox 360 Gamer

December 13th: Finally tracked down an Xbox 360. $400 and a single game later, I'm happy. While playing NHL 2K6, I earn my first "Achievement Point." Turns out by performing certain tasks in the game, I earn points for my Xbox 360 profile.

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January 22, 2006

One Out of Two Ain't Bad

Note: Blogcritics and Breaking Windows writer Tim Weaver assisted with this story.

While the video gamers’ football season never officially comes to a close, we are amidst the final few breaths of the 2005-06 NFL season. With the field narrowed down to four teams, Jan. 22 will be the day that pushes two teams to Super Sunday destiny and sends the other two teams home with their heads held low. Every year, many sources put the Madden games to the test by using it to predict Super Bowl results, and being the curious sort, I got a jump start on the predictions by using the Gamecube version of the game to predict the two teams which will compete for the trophy.

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January 21, 2006

Mad Catz Talks Revolution!

IGN has an interview with Mad Catz Senior Product Manager, Kern Corrigan. Lots of good info from the third-party accessory maker.

January 20, 2006

TES IV: Oblivion Technical Interviews

I found two great interviews (here and here) that go into the more technical aspects of the game. So if you don't know what shader maps, HDR, or Havok is, just look at the pretty pictures.

This game cannot come out soon enough! The waiting is killing me. Oblivion is the #1 reason I bought the 360.

"Fever pitch" is hardly the word to describe the anticipation of this 360 and PC title. Imagine if this game hit at the launch of the 360 as originally advertised. I can guarantee two things: demand for the 360 would be even higher, and I would have very few 360 games at this point.

Engadget Bill Gates Interview

This interview is from this year's CES. I am just now getting through a backlog of links to post ;)

Lots of things covered here, including Xbox 360 and HD-DVD.

January 19, 2006

Alpha 152 Strategy

If you have been playing Dead or Alive 4 than you have come up against Alpha 152. She is the final boss for many of the characters. I found this strategy somewhat helpful. Your milage may very.

Insane Ikaruga Video

He's playing multi-player by himself... and never gets hit.

January 14, 2006

Feltris Blocks

Viva la spatial-reasoning puzzle! These blocks are squishily made of simple felt and stuffing. Teach yourself to be better at Tetris. Teach your children to be hopeless geeks before they can even speak! Includes one of every common Tetris block.

They cost $30, with $3 shipping, and you can even PayPal your order. They are made by a student at Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering. I have no idea what the dimensions are though. I emailed and asked, however.

From seller theconnor:

Each 'pixel' square was designed to be about 1 1/8". The longest block is about five inches. Gives you some idea of the relative size. And thanks!
I have asked a few more questions. Hopefully I will get enough information to write an article for on these things - because they are so cool!

January 12, 2006

Tetris For PSP Firmware 2.60

Here is a step in the right direction for the homebew crowd: Tetris running on firmware 2.6. And yes, it does work. All you need is GTA: LCS as it takes advantage of that game's loading feature.

Xbox 360: Real Life vs. Graphics 2

While it is rather obvious which is which, it is still very impressive. Someone on vacation took shots of Tokyo and then found that spot in Project Gothem Racing 3. From the looks of it these are from a HDTV, because the game sucks in SD.

January 9, 2006

Top 10 WTF Moments of 2005 from

#1: 'Tard Pack - $299.99 for an Xbox 360 with no wireless controllers, no hard drive, no backwards compatability, and naturally, no downloadable content. So you save a hundred bucks. Except you'll need to spend forty of that on a memory unit, anyway. But hey, you can still afford one more 360 game. The only announcement more WTF worthy will be if someone knowingly buys it.
Source: 1UP

Yes even Jack Thompson made the list, and the #2 reason about Shadow the Hedgehog is priceless. But the "'Tard Pack" does take the cake.

The Pointlessness of Current Videogame Journalism

I hate the videogame press. There, I've said it - after you don't know how many false starts trying to weave that statement into a cleverly constructed sentence, I've just said it outright - I hate (...the majority of...) the videogame press.
Source: TG Daily

He has some valid points. A good read.

January 7, 2006

Punch Out In Real Life

Though it's not quite Broadway, the below reenactment of the NES and arcade classic, Punch Out, is pretty darn good. The music is especially catchy, and the moves are disturbingly accurate. You know you're a gamer when all of this makes sense.
Source: Joystiq

Very well done. Check it out.

Dead or Alive Teaser Trailer

Wow this looks like a winner. If you think you recognize Kasumi it's because you do, she is Devon Aoki (Sin City). The movie doesn't really have anyone else famous in it. But then who wants to be in a movie about a video game notorious for its bouncing boobies.

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January 5, 2006

Fight Night Round 3 Demo On XBL Marketplace

The Fight Night Round 3 demo can be summed up in one word: amazing. Well two, if you put the F word in there. This demo is truly stunning. I have not had this much fun in a boxing game since the NES's Punch Out.

Paprocki tells me it corrupts Xbox user profiles though, and that does not sound good. Though I see no such report other then one on DP.

I am totally floored that something this good looking and refined is coming from EA. Especially seeing how their other 360 sports "ports" came together for the 360 launch.

Developed by EA Chicago, (Def Jam series) Fight Night Round 3 looks to be a win for next-gen graphics. Not only that, but the controls feel great and the commentary is very good.

Not to sound like a PR guy, but go download the demo and try it out!

January 2, 2006

Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter 2

This is some impressive Flash work. You get to see Ryu vs. Scorpion battle to the death. Great fun. There is also an interview with the guy who painstakingly animated all this stuff.

Xbox 360

The site boast to be the "one stop shop" for all of XBox 360's gaming achievements. Sounds nice. But the site is not much right now. So far it just lists the achievements and the associated Gamerscore, plus it has the achievement icons for your viewing pleasure. The site forums seem more useful then the site itself at this point, but I would keep a watch nonetheless.

Whoever decided to add Achievements to Xbox 360 games is a genius. They add even more replay value. It was just a matter of time before a site like this popped up. Although I am sure GameFAQs will have Achievement FAQs up shortly, unless they already do.

Xbox Live Marketplace New Content RSS Feed

This needs to be built into the Xbox 360 Dashboard somewhere. Sometimes navigating the Marketplace I just feel like screaming. Oh well, we can all just check out this RSS feed via to see all the latest goodies.

January 1, 2006

Dead or Alive 4 Finally Here

After being delayed 238 times (OK, more like five times) Dead or Alive 4 is finally on store shelves. I found my copy at a Wal*Mart and snagged it before they were all gone. And they were gone in a hurry. It makes you wonder how much better the Xbox 360 launch would have been if DOA4 was there with it.

I have not had much time to play, as I am still home at my grandmother's house. It still looks like DOA with a very familiar shell. The graphics have not really changed since DOA2 on the Dreamcast, and the re-release on the PS2.

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December 28, 2005

Xbox 360: Real Life vs. Graphics

Check out these two pics from THQ. One is a in-game screen shot from Moto GP 3. The other is a real life pic. Good luck!

Interesting Read On Current Gaming Topics

I found this on Gamepolitics. It's a discussion on the ethics of the game industry, and it's actually done rationally with plenty of good points from both sides.

December 16, 2005

New TES Oblivion Developer Diary

Bethesda has a new developer diary online today. It talks mainly about the magic system. It sounds like mages will be a lot stronger, and easier to play, as in Morrowind. This diary includes a great quote: sidenote: Havok physics + giant explosion + flaming skeletons = I love my job!

December 14, 2005

The Onion takes on video game violence

The sad thing is, I'd probably play it.

December 7, 2005

ESRB to NIMF: Report card arbitrary, simple-minded

Matt posted a comment about this, but it NEEDS to be said again:

"In recent years, the report card concept has become increasingly arbitrary, simple-minded, and silly, more of a headline-grabbing tool than a parent-helping tool, and NIMF's 2005 report card continues that disappointing tradition," said ESRB president Patricia Vance in a release giving the NIMF report card an "F" for "inaccuracies, incomplete and misleading statements, omission of material facts, and flawed research."

"For years, ESRB respected the work of NIMF," Vance continued, "recognizing it as a serious-minded watchdog group sincerely interested in helping parents make smart media decisions, and for this reason we have previously sought to engage them in a cooperative and productive dialogue. But this year NIMF made clear that its real agenda is to undermine parent trust in the ESRB. We will not allow NIMF to mislead parents about the accuracy and effectiveness of ESRB ratings. Accordingly, and reluctantly, we have little choice but to publicly challenge NIMF's numerous inaccurate and misleading claims."

Source: ESRB

All valid points. Especially the headline grabbing and the undermining.

November 28, 2005

Joystiq's Top 10 Hidden Gems

At least from games in this era. I HATED Psychonauts with a deep, deep passion. Great characters and world, boring collect-a-thon platformer with the usual camera problems. Most of us on Digital Press agree Metal Arms should be here, maybe not in first, but definitely on the list.

November 22, 2005

Xbox 360 Launch: A Poem

November 22nd has come,
and I sit outside extremely numb.

Xbox 360 is here,
bringing with it all kinds of holiday cheer.

As crowds stand outside in the rain,
we all begin to realize this is a real pain.

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November 15, 2005

Mario Kart DS, McDonald's and Intermittent Problems

I really hate buying games at Wal*Mart. But they are the only place in town that has Mario Kart DS right now. Oh well. So I contributed to the Devil's paycheck today. Sue me.

McDonald's is an official Nintendo Wi-Fi provider. Smart move for the Big N! Our McDonald's in BG is all setup. Of course the woman at the cash register had no clue what I was talking about. Luckily there was a manager at the other end of the counter. He even had a copy of Mario Kart DS. It's a shame he couldn't play.

It is a little irritating that there are Wi-Fi problems on the first day. If you look at the Nintendo Wi-Fi site, you will see the message "Global Wi-Fi Service is experiencing intermittent problems."

Needless to say getting online at McDonald's is a snap. I was online before i left the counter to find a booth to sit. The Wi-Fi interface is very nice. Yes, even with the problems with the network, you can still get online. You just cannot jump into a lobby. It just sits there and spins.

I don't want to get into too much detail as I want to write a review, but here are some numbers:

16 new courses
16 classic courses
3 new weapons
54 single player missions
4 engine classes
8 player single-card download play
And yes, it's a blast! I can't wait to play on the Nintendo Wi-Fi network.

November 8, 2005

World of Warcraft hackers using Sony BMG rootkit

World of Warcraft hackers have confirmed that the hiding capabilities of Sony BMG's content protection software can make tools made for cheating in the online world impossible to detect. The software--deemed a "rootkit" by many security experts--is shipped with tens of thousands of the record company's music titles.
Source: SecurityFocus

Not only is this Sony DRM absolutely wrong, it also allows cheating in MMO games. Yet another reason I do not buy CDs anymore, or play MMOs. Good one Sony. Great job!

Blogcritics has more on this hidden software that Sony deems necessary to install on your computer.

1UP compares the Dreamcast to the Xbox 360

1UP has a feature comparing the Dreamcast to the Xbox 360. The 23 parallels between Xbox 360 and the Dreamcast are indeed quite eerie. Some are stretches, but most are dead on scary. I am not sure about the American debut on MTV for the Dreamcast, but pretty much every point is spot it. Favorites include:

  • Sleek white console following in footsteps of bulky, black console.
  • Peter Moore spearheaded the marketing.
  • Tetsuya Mizuguchi worked on highly anticipated First Party title.
  • Highly anticipated First Party racing game from Bizarre Creations
  • Crazy rich bald guy spotted at several promotional events leading up to launch.
  • Metal Gear Solid trailer stole much of its next-generation thunder.

Like I said, scary.

1UP also put together 10 reasons why the Xbox 360 will succeed where the Dreamcast failed.

Square-Enix and Electronic Arts support from the start is a boon to the 360. Final Fantasy XI beta will come with all 360's sold in Japan - a territory that needs to latch on to the console if Microsoft expects to make any money this time.

Could you imagine the 360 launch without Madden, Tiger Woods, or NBA Live? Neither can I. The 360 would not survive long without EA.

To be fair we do not know if the 360 will have backwards compatibility. It is planned. This is great in theory. But with less then two weeks until launch there is still no backwards compatibility list. But then there is no official list of launch software either.

Oh and by the way, only 12 days, 4 hours, 22 minutes... until launch.

November 4, 2005

Thompson lacks legal civilty to practice law in Alabama

Great job guys. Now if only every other state in the country would do the same...

October 26, 2005

AP article on drive-by... it was the video game

This is just absurd. The video game has NOTHING to do with the story, yet it's on the headline. I bet if he was making chicken for dinner it wouldn't have made the headline, but video games, they're headline material.

October 23, 2005

Funny GTA San Andreas Hot Coffee Page

Dripping with sarcasm. Old, but figured it was worth posting if you missed it.

October 20, 2005

Final Fantasy X on the NES!

Wow. Can't quite get to their site to actually try it though.

October 16, 2005

Reader Response: Xbox 360 connecting to cinema screen


I hope that this short e-mail finds you fit and well. Read your interesting post at Macworld. This is going to be a huge topic when the Xbox 360 finally hits the stores and poeple want to start playing the games that will only be available ever on the Xbox. I am thinking about doing exactly the same thing. Do let me know know if your idea worked.

I'm buying the Xbox just to play the two Bioware games, Jade Empire and Mass Effect. I'm a role playing fan. I'm in no hurry, they said they'll need to do an emulator for Jade Empire to port it from the original Xbox, and Mass Effect won't be out until 2007.

I guess some one like Griffin will eventually have an intelligent cable that will connect the two and take care of the gamma issue you mentioned.

Thank you for your time with this.


Thanks for the email Greg.

I posted this over at Macworld and at TeamXbox, and pretty much got nowhere with it. Other then Peter Cohen telling me what I figured was going to be the answer. I had been meaning to post it here too.

The basic gist goes like this: The Xbox 360 will have a 1st party cable that will connect it to a VGA monitor. VGA is an analog signal. There will be not 1st party DVI (which is digital) cable for the 360. Which seems odd considering how much Microsoft is pushing HDTV with the 360. I think it is a rather big oversight on Microsoft's part not to offer a DVI cable. Especially since DVI has caught on over the past number of years.

You find DVI on most newer HDTVs these days, but it also on the nice big monitors from Dell, HP, and Apple. I have a 23" Apple Cinema Display, which has the resolution for an HD signal. It also happens to be widescreen, which my TV is not.

Yet at this point in the game there is no solution for me to hook up a Xbox 360 to my HD Cinema Display. I do hope Griffin or some other 3rd party does come up with a DVI cable for the 360. Only time will tell.

Jade Empire was one of the best games of 2005. And I have my eyes on Mass Effect too. I am sure it will be another great game, it is BioWare after all.

October 12, 2005

Audio Interview with Pete Hines of Bethesda

There is a 26 minute chat about Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion over at that explains a lot; answers a number of questions.

This was recorded at X05 and says that it will be a day 1 launch title, although now Kotaku is saying that 2K Games is pushing it back two weeks. Who knows if that is true or not. Nothing is truly official until it comes from 2K Games or Bethesda.

October 8, 2005

Virtual Apple

I'm not entirely sure if my first game experience was on the NES with Contra or on our Apple II, but this is a great way to figure that mystery out. Some great games here.

October 6, 2005

Awesome Madden '06 eBay auction

Kudos to this seller who not only has a great sense of humor, but speaks the truth too. Someone needs to memorialize this for safe keeping for future generations.

October 5, 2005

Java Map of Morrowind

It is amazing that I am still playing Morrowind. I have been playing it since it came out on the PC in May and Xbox in June, 2002. Getting sidetracked by other great games doesn't help. But Morrowind is just that good a game. I am finishing up all the faction quests, and the expansion packs. I really wish the game tracked how many hours you played. It would be frightening to say the least.

While looking for some remote cave in the game, I came across this great java based map of Morrowind. It has it all, right down to the ancestral tombs. It loads a rather huge background image that takes a long time. It's not broken, it just takes its sweet time. It is well worth the wait, however. Oh, I almost forgot: you can search the map too.

I wish I had found this three years ago.

September 20, 2005

PSP Video Export in Toast 7

Toast 7 is really great. It is a big improvement over Toast 6. There seems to be a bug with the PSP Video export feature in Toast 7.0.1 however. Toast crashes every time you try and export to PSP Video. I have been in contact with the Roxio technical support lead after posting and receiving feedback on the Roxio forums.

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September 11, 2005

Best Buy major game sale, starts Monday, 9-12

Credit as always goes to Cheapassgamer. Full list below.

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August 29, 2005

Toast 7 includes PSP video export; many new features

Roxio at the end of the month will release a new version of their CD and DVD burning software for the Mac — Toast 7 Titanium. While the new release looks similar to its predecessor, it features extensive changes under the hood, including support for the DivX video compression format, the ability to browse iLife content and many other changes.
Source: MacCentral

Forget iPSP - which last I checked was not that great - I will use Toast 7 for all my PSP video needs. I rely on Toast for all my other burning needs as it is. has Toast 7 for $78.99, by the way.

It will be interesting to see how this DivX support in Toast 7 is, as he official DivX site says the latest version of the DivX codec is not compatible with QuickTime 7, and therefor OS 10.4.

I am also glad to see that Roxio added all the goodies that are in their Popcorn app to Toast 7.

Data spanning is another welcome feature. This is a big upgrade from 6.0.x, and I am really looking forward to it.

August 28, 2005

Sandisk Memory Stick Pro Duo 1GB

1 GB Memory Sticks are finally widely available. It took them long enough. What a lost opportunity for the likes of Sandisk. Oh well. I found to have a great price on the 1 GB Memory Stick, $99.95. They also take PayPal for those of you who use PayPal.

I also know the difference between the "Gaming" Memory Stick and the standard one. The Gaming Stick comes pre-formatted. This is something small, but its convenient. It allowed me to copy all my data from my 32 MB Stick over right away.

Anyway,, good buy on the 1 GB Memory Stick. Be careful, they have a listing for the same thing for about $150 for some reason. The $99 one has free shipping too.

Kid goes nuts on Xbox Live

Guess this has been around for a while. This is so not work safe. And remember everyone... it's going to be the video games fault when he grows up and becomes a nut job, not moms who should have the good sense to smash the console into a few thousand pieces. Way to parent your children soccer moms!

August 23, 2005

Super Monkey Ball Deluxe site

Some funny videos. Stupid, but funny.

August 21, 2005

Nintendogs only $15 at Amazon

This one could be a mistake, but there's no reason not to at least try at this price. It's for the Taco Bell dog version ONLY. Retail is $30.

August 20, 2005

Install PSP 2.00 update on US PSP

As you know I am mad as hell that Sony has not released the 2.00 update in the US. So here are easy to use instructions (adapted from the official US Sony update page) for updating to 2.00.

CAUTION: This update is only for customers who obtained PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) for Japan which model number is PSP-1000 or PSP-1000 K. Upon completion of preparing, we will announce update information for the other countries/areas customers via SCE Group Web Site or other channels . For these customers who obtained PSP® in the other countries/areas, please DO NOT update PSP® through this web site. There are no guarantee of proper operation of the other PSP®.

Yea. There is your disclaimer. If you update your PSP and it catches on fire, or stops working after you update, it is not my fault. The Japanese update works just fine. All my games work on my US PSP.

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Do you buy a Media Centre PC, or an Xbox 360?

MICROSOFT'S DECISION to make its Xbox 360 box available for the Yule season is likely to put pressure on PC OEMs, distributors and dealers attempting to sell full blown Media Centre PCs.
Source: The Inquirer

This is a good argument. If you are looking for a Media Center PC, the $400 price tag of the Xbox 360 is surely tempting. It does have a User Interface, although it is just not Windows XP. That might not be such a bad thing. The Xbox 360 will be able to do music, photos and video just like a Media Center PC, plus it can play Xbox and Xbox 360 games. You could go as far as saying that the Xbox 360 is much more a "Media Center" then the Windows XP powered Media Center PCs that are on the market.

August 19, 2005

Super cool shooter

Found this on this months Retro Gamer cover disc. It's a great issue and the disc is filled with nothing but shooters. This one is really special. If you could imagine Katamari Damacy as a shooter, this is it.

August 11, 2005

Cool game download

Edge magazine had a snippet showing this. All the gameplay elements are clay animated, from the ships to the explosions. Could use some more variety and it's a basic (although fun) shooter, but it looks great.

July 30, 2005

Video game violence hoax page

Funny stuff.

July 27, 2005

Great, inspirational gaming story

He's blind folks, BLIND. I can't imagine the frustrations he went through, and it's truly a special story. EGM gave him some coverage a few months back, and he deserves whatever press he can get.

That's of course until you realize the writer did no research, spelling the game's title incorrectly (it's CalibUR, not Caliber) and made comments about decapitations and claiming the game featured gore. It doesn't. Way to spoil a wonderful story.

July 12, 2005

Next Generation is back

Next Generation magazine is back, sort of.

July 11, 2005

Mario 64 speed run

One of these days, I'l figure out how to get my Contra speed run on the net. Until then, you can watch this far more impressive Mario 64 one. This is a direct link to the WM video.

July 9, 2005

1UP editor discusses walking off CNBC show on gaming violence

I've never walked off the set of a TV show in disgust before, but this week I did. There's a first time for everything, I guess. I was in the studio for a live-to-tape session of the Donny Deutsch show on CNBC, "The Big Idea" on Tuesday morning this week. After enduring it for about 10 or 15 minutes it was clear that the whole situation had been a set-up from outset.
Source: 1UP Blog

What an interesting read. I am not suprised that so much got cut from the "live" show. Its sad because the general public has no idea of the reality of this subject.

This shows off the major problem with the "mass media" and the issue of violence in video games. First of all, it shows just how ignorant these "journalists" really are.

Do some frickin' research for crying out loud. You might also try being unbiased. I know that is hard for a lot of people.

June 26, 2005

Reader response: PSP & AirPort help

Hi there Ken,

Just thought I'd drop you an e-mail to say thanks for your 'Airport Knowhow'.

I just got my PSP today and you guessed it, I ran into connection problems.... Anyway after reading your page on what to do..... Bingo! There it is !! PSP online and doing its thing!!

Thanks very much for your help.

All the Best,

Will Adams.

P.S. Nice to know here are some trusty Mac users out there that have the same pass-times as myself!.... Cheers again..... W.

I am glad to help. It is the main reason I put this site online.

June 24, 2005

Interview:'s Jeff Rivera

Jeff Rivera is a representative of They are an organization dedicated to ensuring the Revolution will support High-definition televisions. In an interview, Perrin Kaplan, a representative from Nintendo, stated the console will not include the support. That sent video game message boards into a frenzy with countless debates on both sides, but Jeff is here to clear things up.

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June 12, 2005

Best video game ad site found yet

Full credit goes to Lord Contaminous from Digital Press for this find. He's got ads from EVERYWHERE.

June 7, 2005

Impressive Half Life 2 physics demo

Really amazing stuff, even if you've never played the game. For whatever reason, I couldn't get the video to play (WMV) in Firefox. I had to use IE. It's worth the trouble.

June 1, 2005

"Free" Conker Xbox demo

Only Microsoft would charge you $5 shipping for a promotional demo.

May 13, 2005

PSP, WEP, and Apple's AirPort - Take 2

I originally wrote about connecting your PSP to an AirPort at the end of March. Since them I have received a number of emails from fellow Mac users trying to get their PSP talking to an AirPort.

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April 17, 2005

If you ever own your own arcade

Please don't burn it down. Can't wait to hear the motive here.

April 13, 2005

Circuit City $1.99 game sale

Yep, only a $1.99. These are mostly made up of those titles from the $4.99 sale a while back, but my store still had about 6 games from this list. Each store is different, so don't go in with high hopes, but you should be able to find something. Read on for the list:

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April 7, 2005

HOW-TO: PSPcasting on your Mac

PSPCasting on the Windows side is fairly well documented, achieved by combining Videora and PSP Video 9 to pull down videos via BitTorrent and convert them to MP4 format for transfer to the PSP. There isn’t a single solution yet for achieving the same on the Mac side, but with some very minimal manual intervention we can automagically download and prepare a bunch of new video content for our PlayStation Portables using the ANT RSS video aggregator in combination with the PSPWare syncing application.
Source: Engadget

Engadget has full details, so check out the link.

Play multi-player PSP games with one UMD disc

Not sure who was really first with this, but it seems like this bit of PSP lore is emerging simultaneously from multiple sources as folks discover it. There’s a fairly simple way to achieve multi-player gaming on two PSPs using a single UMD disc, by starting the game on one console, starting an Ad Hoc Multiplayer game, then hot swapping the disc to the other device. It’s apparently working for Tony Hawk, Twisted Metal, and Ridge Racer with perhaps a few protocol tweaks here and there.
Source: Engadget, Dynatech

Now that is just cool. It works just great. It will not work for games like Untold Legends which read data off the UDM in the middle of the game (like when you go to your inventory).

Movie games don't sell well, analyst called in

"The motion picture industry is still looking for a formula to port its movies to the video game platform. According to a study by market researchers The NPD Group reported in today's (Wednesday) Los Angeles Daily News, The Matrix video game sold about 2 million units. By contrast, sales of the "pure" video game Halo totaled $125 million on the first day it hit the shelves. "It took Spider-Man four days to do that [at the box office]," Keith Boesky, an industry analyst based in Los Angeles, told the Daily News."

That's from an Internet Movie Database story yesterday.

This is funny. They actually need an analyst to figure out why movie games don't sell as well? Here's a small suggestion: make something actually worth playing instead of horribly generic platformers, cookie-cutter action games, and even worse fighting games. Oh, and you might want to undo the damage done from "classic" bad games like Total Recall, Friday the 13th, Universal Solider, etc. Maybe look at everything the Chronicles of Riddick (Xbox) did right and go from there. I mean, I'm no analyst or anything, but it sounds like a good idea.

So, you want to learn about Doom 3?

Better have a credit card. In order to learn about the Xbox version, click on the big guy with the gun on this screen. Usually, all you have to do is enter your birthdate. Now, a valid credit card is needed too. Is this just stupid? Like a kid isn't going to figure out how to get to IGN or Gamespot, right? Considering I don't own nor want a credit card, getting screen shots for reviews on games like this could be an issue (the developer sites are always the best).

This is a bit much, even for me

Sony has patented a new way to play games: putting the information directly into your brain. Hey, I love video games to death, but when they start invading parts of my body I've never even heard of, I'm calling it quits.

PSP Hacks

Yahoo has a nice guide to getting some stuff running on the console. This info has been around for a bit now, but it's nice to have it in one place and it's well written in plain english.

Rare Neo Geo game on eBay

One of the rarest of the rare is up there now. Here we see the outstanding Neo Turf Masters, probably the best golf game ever created. I believe that's close to $4,000 U.S with 4 days to go as of right now. That's nuts. A year or two back, I plunked down $150 for a conversion cart (a MVS/Arcade cart modified to work in the home AES system) of the game simply because I can't live without it. It's that good, just maybe not $4,000 good.

April 6, 2005

Viewtiful Joe to grace PSP, DS

Each version is looking pretty unique. There's no arguing more Joe isn't a good thing.

The best PSP/DS fanboy argument ever

It's funny because it's true.

April 5, 2005

The story behind Tetris

Tetris is a computer game involving a sequence of falling tetromino pieces which the user must first revolve into a desired position and subsequently pack into an increasingly dense rectangular array.

We all knew that right? Well you might not know the history behind Tetris, or know that the Russian developer massacred his wife and son either. Nothing like some video game history and a brutal murder to lighten the spirits.

Yes folks, that link is from So its not for the squeamish. If you do not know what is, well you might not want to go there. You have been warned.

April 4, 2005

Your game room does not compare

You have nothing on this guy. I have seen lots on eBay that didn't come close to this.

March 30, 2005

PocketMac for PSP debuts

Right on the heels of Sony's North American release of its PlayStation Portable (PSP) handheld game console, Information Appliance Associates has released PocketMac for PSP. The software enables users to synchronize music, photos and contact information between their Mac and PSP.
Source: MacCentral

Now we have iPSP, PSPWare, and PocketMac for PSP, all trading punches for Mac PSP owners. iPSP is down right unusable. PSPWare is a simple and elegant application - and works, unlike iPSP. Now PocketMac for PSP will convert your contacts into JPEG images for display on your PSP. I must investigate...

There is no demo. Forget that. It also looks as if there is no backup utility in this app. I am sticking with PSPWare.

A Letter to Senator Hilary Clinton on Video Game Violence

While browsing the internet yesterday, I stumbled across an article centering around a $90 million study you have proposed on the so-called "effects of video game violence." Please realize what a huge waste of not only taxpayer's dollars this is, but also how simple the answer is to all of this. It has nothing to do at all with the content of these rated video games, but everything to do with lackluster parenting.

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Give me a hand!

A DS one, actually. See, we can put news on the site about other systems! Anyway, this is a creepy giveaway, but it's free. Note that if you sign up to get it, they WILL send you mail and it's really annoying. Hey, if you get a free hand, what's a little Nintendo spam?

March 27, 2005

Sony Sued for $90.7 Million for Dual Shock

Ouch. That's a ton of cash for just a controller. Plus, it claims they can no longer sell the system with the Dual Shock. That's a major, major lawsuit. This is one to keep an eye on. Will they be forced to change the design?

March 26, 2005

Tunneling Into PSP

While the PlayStation Portable has all the hardware necessary to take the handheld system online via HotSpot and home wireless networking access points, Sony's online plans for the system are still a ways off. To do things the official way takes time and money. To do things the unofficial way, however, just takes some unauthorized trickery and a little elbow grease...
Source: IGN PSP

Not only is there a Windows Kai client, but they have Mac OSX Terminal and GUI versions as well. Grandted it's version 0.1, but its a beginning. "KaidOSXMenu" is a menu item. Amaryllis is an "Amazingly beautiful 100% Cocoa KaiUI by Maksim Rogov of Nullriver Software." You also need Amaryllis for this to work in OS X. I have not tried it yet, but it looks like you can use Amaryllis to join or host tunneled PSP, Xbox, PS2 and Game Cube games.

I am going to try PSP first, for obvious reasons. Although I must say this looks a lot easier on Windows. All the documentation I can find is for Windows. Ahh, I found Mac instructions.

Incidentally, Nullriver is where PSPWare comes from.

PSP, WEP, and Apple's AirPort

Setting up a PSP with an Apple Airport is a bit different then going down to the local Grounds for Thought (simple setup). The reason is those places, coffee shops, usually do not use WEP (Wireless Encryption Protocol) and in my apartment, I do.

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PSP Launch Madness

There was no problem finding a PSP in Bowling Green Thursday or Friday. The big problem was finding the games. Myself and my friend Chris pre-ordered our PSPs at 2 Play. 2 Play, like most other retailers required you to buy two games for the "bundle" that Sony is apparently insisting people buy. This is a practice I do not agree with. What if I only want to spend $300 (PSP plus one game).

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March 23, 2005

Sony's PSP Connect

We all know what is right? It is Sony's iTunes Music Store (that only works on Windows). Thanks to Chris for pointing me to their new PSP Connect site.

The site does offer a nice Flash demo about putting MPEG 4 video on your PSP. You can download a .zip file that has the MP_ROOT folder, and a video file. While you could do this, Sony has taken it upon themselves to make it easier for you. Why didn't they just write a MP_ROOT folder in the Memory Stick format process?

There is free video content on the site too. They already have a number of partners lined up. It looks to me like is going to start selling video, or at least for now give you fresh free video for your PSP. The best part being that you don't have to compress it yourself.

Free Elder Scrolls 1 from Bethesda

A couple of companies have given this a shot (like Rockstar) and it's a nice gesture. Basically, they allow you to download classic/original versions of their newer titles free and legally. In this case, it's "Elder Scrolls." It may take some work to get this running on a new PC (most likley need DOSBox, a DOS emulator which they also link to), so be warned.

March 22, 2005

1GB Memory Stick Pro Duo

If you can score one of these (Froogle) you can count yourself lucky. SanDisk is not shipping these in the mass quantity needed for the demand from us lucky PSP owners (yes, I pre-ordered one).

The best deal I could find was $108 from Thats a lot better then the $149 at EB Games. But if you wait a few months I would bet that price will drop well below $100. Flash memory always drops.

With all the possibilities for video, audio, and photos (not to mention the video games) of the PSP, I am sure people will be buying larger and larger Memory Stick Pro Duos.

Once the price for Memory Sticks gets low enough to compete with devices like the Creative Zen, the Sony PSP is going to have another gadget to directly compete with.

March 20, 2005

Sony PSP Deals

We're less than a few days away from the launch of a new console and the Sunday ads show a ton of support, way more than the DS had. Are major coprporations fan boys at heart? Anyway, if you're planning on trying EB Games or Gamestop, don't bother. They're all pre-ordered. Instead, head to a major retailer and look for these deals:

Best Buy:
In-store coupon for $5 off ANY PSP game. Opening at 8 a.m. to start selling.

Media Play:
Absolutely nothing. Just the basic bundle and games. Everything looks like the standard pricing.

Circuit City:
PSP Bundle w/ Twisted Metal only $289.99.

Memory Stick 256 MB Pro by Sandisk, $34.99 after mail in rebates. That's a major size difference from the 32 MB one included.

Buy any 2 PSP games, get a $10 gift card instantly (excludes Twisted Metal obviously).

Toys R Us:
Nothing. Just the $249.99 bundle. This is a good thing as TRU usually packs a bunch of stuff you don't want in their new console bundles. Online, you have to get a $400 bundle and that's the only way to get it.

The Ten Greatest Moments in Video Game Violence

Since the Illinois state government wants to ban violent video games because there seems to be nothing else important to them on Earth, it's time to discuss exactly what they want to keep under wraps. What follows, in no particular order, are the 10 greatest moments of video game violence ever conceived. Each game/series will only be used once to prevent repetition (and since some of these games are so brutal, they would own the entire list). Pick a fave if you want, but you know each one of these are unforgettable and yet some idiots want this taken away from us. If you haven't figured it out, this isn't an article for the weak-stomached.

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March 12, 2005

EGM's Obligatory April Fools Joke

Some store employees are forever going to hate them for this one.

March 11, 2005

First Gamefly experience: Not good

I'm still not sold on online video/game rentals. There's nothing inconvenient about running down the video store unless you don't have one close to your home. The biggest discrepancy though is in selection. For a gamer, portables are out of reach. Unless you have a specialty store in your area, you're out of luck. That's where comes in.

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March 5, 2005

Xbox replacement power cord

I got my Xbox replacement cord in the mail today. It has instructions on how to use it.

No. I am not kidding.

February 27, 2005

Hideously Addictive Flash Game

They don't come much more entertaining then this. My record right now is 1419.56. The key are the power-ups, not necessarily the first hit.

February 17, 2005

For those who REALLY love the Xbox

Definitely one of the most unique auctions I've come across in a long time. Yes, you really sit inside of it, but wouldn't you be awfully close to the screen?

February 13, 2005

Toys R Us 90% off sale

If you have a location near you, get there ASAP. Anything with a green clearance tag is 90% off the marked price. Items vary in each store. I got back from two stores today. I spent $30 total and the receipts added up my savings to be near $300. I came home with about 50 items including strategy guides, PS One games, N64 games, and a ton of magazines. The sale has been going for about a week, so you'll need to get there quick to really take advantage of it. Still not convinced? While working there last night, a guy bought 4 CD Boomboxes marked at $79.99 for less than $8 a piece. Yeah, it's nuts. To see what other people have nabbed, check out this thread at Digital Press.

February 10, 2005

Eternal Champions revisited

For those not in the know, Eternal Champions was Sega's answer to the Street Fighter phenomenon. It came out on the Sega Genesis and got a semi-sequel on the Sega CD. That sequel was the only game for the system to use the extended color mode for 256-colors on screen at once. That means all of the fatalities, easily the best in the history of video games, came through with a gorgeous color palette. Now you can view them all in .gif form thanks to a dedicated gamer. Be warned that some of these are really brutal and parental discretion is advised.

February 5, 2005

Xbox Millennium Falcon

Xbox Millennium Falcon PAL XBox mod. Pretty impressive mod! Not only is it a nice mod, its modded with EvolutionX too.

January 8, 2005

Madden '06 box art revealed

December 1, 2004

Bloody Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Controller

This is not a joke, but it is for mature gamers only!

GameStop Universal System Selector Pro HD

This switchbox retails for a $100. That's what I paid for mine last year. It has 3 ethernet ports, 8 component video, 8 s-video, and 8 composite. Best buy you'll ever make if you have more than one system.

$25 from

October 17, 2004

Halo 2 Master Chief 39 inch Statue

You better bid quick on this one! It is going for $3000 right now. I dont even like Halo this much.

October 7, 2004

PS2 & XBox skin case mod

The Skin-Arts site has many different case skins for both the PS2 and XBox. How about a rebel flag for your XBox? Or maybe Yuna for your PS2? Most case skins are $12.95 Buy it Now. That doesn't sound like a bad deal.

Ultimate Japan-centric video game collection

What an unreal import collection. Instant import collection. The arcade cabinet alone, wow! Hurry up folks, the bidding starts at $70,000.00. Its worth a look, if only for the photos.

September 29, 2004

Careers at EB Games

Web Production Assistant
Responsible for compiling and maintaining content for products. Research and merchandise related add-on products in addition to maintaining the product database with accurate ESRB ratings, specifications and descriptions...

Sounds pretty dull to me! But thanks for the link Matt.

Instant video game collection


Holy bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep, hell! THAT is an auction.

September 26, 2004

Digital Press Video Games Advance Guide Review

Digital Press makes no sacrifices when it comes to classic gaming. Their seven gaming guides are some of the most thorough on the market while site creator Joe Santulli runs the Classic Gaming Expo every year. But something was missing, namely a lack of attention to those consoles us late-bloomers remember so fondly like the Sega Genesis and 3DO. Services rendered.

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September 15, 2004

Now that's a piece of memorabilia...


Its not that expensive!

Only for the insane collector, like Matt Paprocki himself, should bid on this. Thanks to Matt for the link.

August 6, 2004

ESPN NFL 2k5 Giveaway

Yep, you read that right. Breaking Windows is giving away a copy of ESPN NFL 2k5 for the XBOX. All you need to do is answer these questions. No cheating! If there is a tie there will be bonus questions. Send your answers to kenneth.edwards at Here are your questions: 1) What year was EA's Madden franchise first released on the Sega Genesis? 2) What was the name of Acclaim's NHL Franchise that they released on the N64 in 1997? 3) How many games in the Tecmo Bowl franchise were released on the Super Nintendo? 4) What was the name of the franchise 989 Sports released on the PS One to counter Midway's NFL Blitz series? 5) Which NBA player was featured on Nintendo's N64 and Gamecube basketball franchise? 6) What was the name of EA's baseball franchise before their current MVP Baseball series? 7) What MLB player endorsed a softball game for the PS One? 8) What was the name of the tennis series on the Sega Dreamcast? 9) What was the name of the only golf game to appear on the Dreamcast? 10) What console featured the first league licensed sports games? 11) Name Konami's hockey game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. 12) What football franchise did Visual Concepts program on the Super Nintendo before being hired by Sega to produce the 2K line of games? 13) Which Sega baseball game was the first to feature play-by-play commentary? 14) True or false: The first Madden NFL on the Nintendo 64 did no feature a full NFL license. 15) What was the first WCW wrestling game called on the PS One? And no Matt, you cannot enter this contest. You wrote the questions :P Good luck! Void where prohibited. Only open to Earth residents. You must be 3 yrs. or older to enter. Purchase does not increase chances of winning. Please play responsibly. Contest ends 08/13/04 unless noted otherwise.

July 6, 2004

Circuit City $4.99 game sale, Take 2

I got this email this morning from ccemployee[at]circuitcity[dot]com.
Just to let you know. That sale does not start until July 11, this Sunday. However Circuit City had accidentally downloaded the ad early. They do not have to honor the price until that ads date. They have stopped selling them at that price until Sunday.
I am guessing they are receiving some bad press for this. You can see Matt's previous post with the game list here: Circuit City $4.99 game sale.

July 3, 2004

Circuit City $4.99 game sale

They're blowing out games. The sale started today. I believe they are open tomorrow. I don't know if you can make a trip to one or not, but every game on this list is $4.99. Yes, only $5. Can't beat the price regardless of the game. GBA Chu Chu Rocket Fire Pro Wrestling Max Payne Mortal Kombat Stuntman Super Monkey Ball Jr. Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival Zoo Cube GC Beach Spikers Bomberman: Generation Home Run King Ikaruga Kelly Slater Surfing Mario Party 4 Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance Outlaw Golf Pac-Man Fever Red Faction II RE: Code Veronica X Sega Soccer Slam Simpsons Skateboarding Smugglers Run Warzones Tetris Worlds The Sims Top Gun Ty the Tasmanian Tiger Universal Studios Viewtiful Joe Zoo Cube PS2 Ape Escape 2 Armored Core 2 Black & Bruised Bloodrayne Bloody Roar 4 BOF:DQ Britney's Dance Beat Capcom vs SNK 2 Chaos Legion Clock Tower 3 Dark Cloud 2 Defender Dino Stalker Disaster Report Disgaea DMC 2 Driving Emotion Type-S Dynasty Warriors 4 ESPN NHL Hockey ESPN Winter X Games Snowboarding Fantavision Freaky Flyers Freestyle Metal X Futurama GGX2 Gundam:Federation vs. Zeon Gungrave Haunted Mansion Indiana Jones Jungle Book: Rythm n' Blues Legaia 2 Legends of Wrestling 2 Marvel vs Capcom 2 Maximo Mega Man x7 Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance Metropolismania MIB 2: Alien Escape Minority Report MSG: Encounters in Space Mystic Heroes Okage Okage:Shadow King Onimusha 2 PaRappa the Rapper 2 Pryzm Chapter One RE Dead Aim Red Faction 2 REZ Roadkill Robin Hood: Defender of the Crown Robotech: Battlecry Ridge Racer V Rumble Racing Rygar Secret Weapons over Normandy Sega Sports SF EX3 Shrek Super Party Silpheed Simpsons: Skateboarding Slipheed Smash Court Tennis: Pro Tournament Speed Kings Spy Hunter 2 Street Fighter Ex 3 Stretch Panic Terminator: Dawn of Fate The Bouncer Threads of Fate Vexx War of the Monsters Wheel of Fortune Wild Arms 3 Wipeout Fusion WRC World Rally Championship WWE Crush Hour X Squad ZOE: 2nd Runner XBox Aggressive Inline Crazy Taxi 3 Crimson Sea Dragon's Lair Enclave Futurama Futurama Haunted Mansion Kung Fu Chaos Marvel vs Capcom 2 New Legends NFL 2K3 Panzer Dragoon Orta Pro Race Driver Robin Hood: Defender of the Crown Secret weapons over Normandy Spy Hunter 2 Star Wars: Clone Wars State of Emergency SWAT Vexx Voodoo Vince Wakeboarding Unleashed PSone Threads Of Fate

May 22, 2004

The Accidental Video Game Porn Archive

Only Matt would look for things like this, the The Accidental Video Game Porn Archive. Thanks for the link Matt.

April 5, 2004

Is $50 too much for a video game?

If you think that $50 is too much to pay for a video game, check out this eBay auction for Kizuna Encounter EURO - Neo Geo AES. It is apparently the 5th confirmed copy in the world! Thanks to Matt Paprocki for the link. Matt sent me this link on the 3rd telling me that it would sell, and indeed, it has. Well it has a winning bidder at least. From Matt:
Actually, it sold for $12,500 after a minor off-auction bidding war. Here’s the thread that started it.

March 30, 2004

Microsoft cuts Xbox prices

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Microsoft has fired the first shot in this year's video-game price wars, cutting the price of its Xbox console by $30 to about $150 in the United States. The price cuts will go into effect Tuesday. Industry analysts and some Microsoft officials have been expecting Microsoft to cut the price for its Xbox for some time, but at $149.99, the new price is lower than some had expected. Source: CNN/Money Maybe now I will buy one... again. After all Ninja Gaiden sounds killer, and very hard.

March 11, 2004

Game Over on UPN Review

Gamers have been "treated" to their second most embarrasing moment of 2004. UPN debuted their CGI animated series "Game Over" tonight and sad as it is to say, I'm not sure if the Spike TV video game awards were worse or if this show just set a new low. Game Over gives us the useless story of the Smashnburns, a family of supposed video game characters living in, well, a video game world. Their neighbors are ninja types who are constantly brawling with other evil ninja types. The mother is a Lara Croft knock-off, the father a race car driver, and their kids are nothing. Yes, nothing. They are not a part of any game like their parents, and their inclusion in the show makes little or no sense. The glorious first episode (sarcasm people) which premiered this evening gives us a mish mash of plots, none of them which pan out or are entertaining in any way. We learn of how the family "adopts" their pet, a purple, horny, chain smoking dog thing that like looking at the mother through a peep hole in the shower. Oh wait, I get it! She like Lara Croft! It's a rip on all of those nude codes! That is just like, so funny (more sarcasm people)! The wonderful producers also gave us a plethora of unfunny fart jokes, a father bra shopping with his daughter, and the teenage boy who's pants drop a bit farther than neccesary to be cool. The only minor high point of this half hour mess were the brief cameos of a few actual game characters including Abe from the Oddworld series and Crash Bandicoot. Supposedly, there are 5 episodes of this show waiting to air for the next 5 Wendsday nights. I'd be seriously surprised if we see more than 3 of these actually air. It's a completely wasted attempt at what could've been a mildy amusing look at video game characters, but instead turned out to be worse than that stupid Old Navy commercial that aired during one of the commercial breaks. UPN, your market researchers blew it.

March 2, 2004

X-Arcade Sticks

I consider myself a fighting game least as far as the 2-D ones are concerned. A few odd 3-D ones have caught my eye in the past, but I always find my way back to Street Fighter or the King of Fighters series. This is all well and good except for one thing: I'm terrible at them. Beyond terrible actually. In fact, I may consider myself one of the worst players in the modern world when it comes to the genre. This in no way however kills my love for them and is exactly why I was a candidate for one of these gorgeous 1-player X-arcade sticks. Though there are some minor problems with the stick, you really can't go wrong if your one of those people who is still clinging to the games of old. Right out of the box, the X-Arcade screams quality. From the flawless veneer finish to the solid wood used to create it, these guys have spared no expense.The buttons have an exremely solid feel and the sticks spring loaded recoil is unparralleled. The box is also very professional looking and the packaging didn't allow for any movement during the shipment. Speaking of which, the X-Arcade arrived at my door in 2 days....and that's only because that Monday was a holiday. This was with their offer of free ground shipping yet! My only complaint was with Airborne who obviously decided my package wasn't important enough and let it sit on my front porch for over 2 hours in freezing temperatures without so much as a knock or a doorbell ring. Jerks. The stick features 9 face buttons, enough to support any of the major consoles. Button maps are avaialble with the included nstruction book. 2 buttons are featured on the side, just underneath the top panel. These serve their purpose of replicating a pinball machine accurately for whatever video pinball games you may have laying around. Another button on the back is for programming moves into the peripheral. 3 banks are available and can be set to any button. Adapters are available for various consoles from the PS2 to the Dreamcast. After pulling it's 10-pound frame from it's box and connecting my added PS One/PS2 adapter (which was also free!), I got to work with Street Fighter Colletion 2. It's amazing, but even with it's size, this stick is still perfect for placing on your lap. If it's too much, the rubber grips on the bottom should hold things in place on a sturdy table just fine. Just by holding it, you can feel how much care goes into making this stick. Some arcade machines don't feel this solid. Finally getting into the game, I noticed some problems. Most notably, the dragon-punch motion that is so familair with fighting game fanatics, is nearly imposible to pull off without some unhuman-like reflexes. Half-circles, 360's, and charge motions have never been easier. I have finally become deadly with Guile. Sadly, trying to make anything out of Ken and Ryu is an excersise in frustration. A quick change of games to Street Fighter Alpha 3 and then to King of Fighters '99 proves futile. I have no trouble controlling the combatants in Soul Calibur II, but it's not exactly what I bought the stick for either. A quick check of their website shows a way to make the stick a bit easier to use. By bending some of the metal contacts, response time becomes quicker. After doing so, the ratio of hit dragon punches to missed is better. Probably 3 out of 5 times at best compared to the one out of five previously. Still, not very good considering the price. However, my complaint is meager. The X-Arcade is meant to be taken apart and replaced with any arcade machine parts of your choosing (as evident by instructions on their site). After ordering a "competition stick" from HAPP (, all things are forgiven. Moves come off without a hitch and the looseness of the included stick is gone. It would've been nice to maybe have the option of what type of stick you would want to be included depending on what you'll be using it with most, but the added price of a new stick is minor for the overall quality. If your not terribly into fighting games, the above complaints probably won't even affect you anyway. Playing Pac-Man is a snap with the 4-way controls (easily switched from 8 after opening the bottom panel). Playing MAME is actually fun now compared to my old, horribly innacurate, Gravis Pro. Also note their customer service is outstanding. I recieved an E-mail response within 12 hours with a professional answer to my question. No, I'm probably not any better a fighting games than I was previously thanks to the stick, but they are alot more fun to play. The price is certainly something that will keep this accessory in the hands of the hardcore, but you get what you pay for. You will NEVER get this quality from a generic stick bought off a store shelf. Better yet, this is the only stick you'll ever need as they promise to support all upcoming consoles. In theory, you'll save money in the long run. This is a must own, but fighting game fans need to be aware of the minor added cost to make their games more playable.

January 23, 2004

Nintendo Dual Screen Concepts

This reminds me of all those fun Fark contests, this one is from GBAParty.

January 9, 2004

Free Subscription to CGW

Free is always good! Get 6 free months of Computer Gaming World!

December 8, 2003

Free Subscription to EGM

Free, Free, Free. It says it expires 01/15/2004. I got a subscription to GamePro this way :-D.

November 26, 2003

FFX-2 Creative Team Interview

Square Enix's first-ever direct sequel to a Final Fantasytitle has been received with an overwhelming positivity from IGN readers; and early indications from retailers seem to tell a similar story. Though the game was definitely met by its own share of apprehension leading up to its domestic debut, reactions ever since have been quite encouraging. In fact, it's one of our favorite overall games this season and a definite must-have for RPG owners. Because we're always on the hunt for more Final Fantasy, however, we jumped at the opportunity to indulge a rare shot at the Final Fantasy creative team and present some of our biggest questions regarding its latest sequel. Structured in a completely spoiler-free manner for those of you who haven't had the opportunity to play yet, the questions below were addressed to three of Final Fantasy X-2's heaviest hitters: Yoshinori Kitase (Producer), Motomu Toriyama (Director), and Tetsu Tsukamoto (Alternate Costume Designer). Enjoy! Source: IGN

November 21, 2003

Game Cube for $80

Can you smell it in the air? No, not the turkey, the shopping! And as if we needed more of a reason for going to Wal-Mart the day after Thanksgiving, they are selling Game Cubes for $80, you get The Legend of Zelda Collector's Edition disc. This sweet disc includes: 1. Legend of Zelda (NES) 2. Adventures of Link: Legend of Zelda II (NES) 3. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64) 4. Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (N64) 5. Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (GCN - Demo) 6. Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Movie 7. Legend of Zelda Retrospective Documentary There are other ways to get the disc, but its a sweet deal along side an $80 Game Cube. Thanks to Matt Paprocki for the link.

November 13, 2003

Max Payne 2 Cheats

There is nothing like playing through a game with a nude female character, this time around as Mona Sax. This page has all the other cheats too, cheers! Now if I could only play the darn game, it is sitting on my desk waiting for my PC to come back!

August 28, 2003

Silent Hill 3 Review

I would not usually post a video game review not penned by myself - but I found this on CNN of all places.

I Bought Silent Hill 3

I just bought Silent Hill 3 for PS2. I have not bought a video game in what seems ages, but has only been a few months. When I go to check out the woman behind the counter said "That is the greatest game." Yea, a woman says this! Why can't I ever meet a woman that likes video games? Geez. Needless to say I have not had time to play it much. I played it for maybe 5 minutes and it looks as good if not better then the last one. I will keep you posted.

July 13, 2003

Completed Splinter Cell

I have not had much time to play video games as of late. I have been way too busy. But being busy is good because it means I am making money. I finished Splinter Cell last weekend on normal difficulty. But I am still playing it this weekend (on hard difficulty) because the game is just so darn good. I would have to rate Splinter Cell above Meta Gear Solid 2. It definatly has the production values of MGS2. It has a very good story line. It is, IMO, harder then MGS2. My lord this game is hard! The CIA level, and the Chinese Embesy level, they are tough because you cannot kill anyone. You cannot even knock someone out with a Stickey Shocker in the Chinese Embesy level. Splinter Cell was a much longer and more ejoyable game then MGS2. I had the chance last weekend to play through the game on the XBOX. I am really amazed at the differences in the two games. There is a mission, Nuclear Power Plant, that is not in the XBOX version. A number of the FMV's were also different between platfroms. They went the extra mile in the production of this game on the PS2 which is something that is not common. I am right now on the Oil Rig mission in Hard mode and it sure is a differene. If you spook a civilian they now go and get a guard! Hard mode makes the game even more of a stealth game like MGS2 is. In normal mode there is more action in Splinter Cell then MGS2 and I think that is why I like it more. Splinter Cell is a better mix of stealth and action, where as MGS2 is heavy on the stealth. But thats not a bad thing! I for one cannot wait to get my hands on MGS3. Splinter Cell 2 should be pretty darn cool too. From a technical standpoint this game used lights and shadows, and noise for that matter, much more then ANY game I have played before, even MGS2. Splinter Cell has created a new plateau for game developers. OK back to work for me I have 3 site designs I have to work on.

May 18, 2003

Enter The Matrix

I am taking this game back to Sam Goody on Monday! This is shit! It crashes on me in the middle of a mission, many times. I wonder why there are so many check/save points in the game (I am very glad there are or I would be even more frustrated by having to do even more backtracking to the point were it froze my machine)? I should have picked up the PS2 version. I think I will because it is a very fun game. I think the PC version has a lot of bugs in it. Once I reinstalled it (see earlier post) I am now about to play it at 1600x1200 rez, but I see now difference from when I play it at 800x600. I think this has to do with the fact that this is a console game first and a PC game second. I have never had so much trouble with a game on my PC. Playing it today it just died 3 times while in the middle of playing. I do not understand why. Some times it just dies and I see the desktop, but most times it kills my entire machine and I am forced to restart. Also if a lot of people are on scene at once shooting it bogs down really bad, I hope the PS2 version does not bog down do much. The game has a lot of keys mapped though so I do not know how it will handle on a controller, even the PS2 with the 4 shoulder keys. The FMV's are kick ass and are the reward for beating a level. They show another story from Reloaded, but it is a parallel story. On top of that it is a very fun fighting and shooting game. I very much dislike driving games. And I do not like the driving in this game. So I chose to play as Ghost, as Niobe does all the driving. Well Ghost has to drive in the Airport mission and man the control is crappy. They are not that responsive and it took me a while to actually back up if I made a mistake. Grand Theft Auto is the only driving I like, and this is no GTA as way of control is concerned! The things you can do in Bullet Time (Focus Meter) are very nice and at least it is not a total rip off of Max Payne (of course Max Payne's Bullet Time was a rip off to begin with, but hey). The extra moves you can do in Bullet Time in ETM are really nice. I am glad I got the game, it is great! I highly recommend it. I just do not recommend getting the PC version. It is horrible. Oh man I just watched a big chunk of movie footage and got to fight Trinity and destroy the garden we were fighting in! And my assumptions of Agent Smith are correct! Man this game is one hell of a ride! Now I am on the freeway shooting down police crusers. So cool. So fun!

May 16, 2003

Enter The Matrix System Crash

Not good news... I installed it, installed DirectX 9. Restarted. Started Enter The Matrix (ETM). It played the intro movie, I chose a player, and then at the loading screen it bombs. Takes entire system down. Crash. Big Time. This is one reason why console games will always be better then PC games. They friggin work! I tried default settings, I tried everything. I think I should have picked up the PS2 version instead :mad: After the second crash and forced restart my mouse would not work, no matter how many times I reconnected it to the base (I have a wireless mouse). So I went through Software Restore and now all is back to the way it was last nite. GRRR. This is not cool. I will try again later...

May 5, 2003

Fun at Sam Goody

After I sold off my XBOX and Game Cube I went over to Sam Goody. They had Zelda the wind waker and Panzar Dragon Orta on the demo consoles. I spent about 20 min. each playing them. I was a bit skeptical about the new Zelda but it is very well done and very fun. Panzar Dragon Orta is also very good, better then I expected. I remember Panzar Dragon on the SEGA Saturn. But Orta is a very addictive arcade style tunnel shooter. After playing these I am glad, not sad, that I sold my Game Cube and XBOX. I don't have time to play Zelda or Orta, and had I still had those consoles I would have bought both games. Both are great. Instead I picked up a PC game. I bought Unreal 2. I saw a video review of it from GameSpot. In the review it looked incredible but the reviewers said it lacked originality. I agree. Unreal 2 looks more like Halo then Halo looked like the original Unreal when it first hit the XBOX. The game is however very fun to play and is beautiful. The character designs look very Halo-ish but they are well done. The weapons are great, the animations for the weapons are cool. The sound effects actually sound good and like they belong, and the music keeps the tempo going well. So for a game that is not pushing the envelope open any further, it sure is a hella fun game. I was looking to get UT 2k3 but Sam Goody didn't have it. Oh well Unreal 2 will keep me awake just as much as UT 2k3 would. I don't sit and play video games for hours on end like I used to which is strange. I play for ah hour or so and then remember that I should be doing something else. I had a $5 off coupon for their members program so I ended up paying $37 for Unreal 2. Can't beat that.

March 23, 2003

Ambrosia Software Rocks!

And their games are really good too. Check out this interview with Tom Anthony about the future of Ambrosia games on the PC! Wow, this kicks arse. My current favorite Ambrosia game is Pop-Pop. They are first working on porting Escape Velocity Nova. I hope they plan to port the rest, as well as Pop-Pop. This is sweet! Can you tell I am psyched? he he.

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