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April 17, 2007

Jack Thompson Takes Hold of Virgina Tech Shooting

Utterly amazing that he was not only billed as any kind of expert, but tried to further his cause based on this tragedy. Wait until he actually begins to cry for show towards the end. Unbelievable.

EDITOR: Kotaku has a good run down of his lies from the phone call.

October 13, 2006

Judge OKs Bully

Earlier this week, Florida lawyer Jack Thompson heralded "a historic ruling" to members of the press in a complaint he filed against Take-Two Interactive over its upcoming PlayStation 2 game Bully. Judge Ronald Friedman ordered Take-Two to provide a copy of the game so that he could review it behind closed doors on Thursday and see what all the fuss was about himself...

"There's nothing in the game that you wouldn't see on TV every night," Friedman is quoted as saying. The judge added he wouldn't want his kids to play the game, "but that shouldn't mean that the game won't ship."

Source: GameSpot

Is it just me, or is nothing going Jack's way these days. Will someone please send him some flowers?

In case there was any doubt, I will be getting Bully, hopefully by Tuesday. I can't wait to be a bully in Bully. It's gonna turn me into a mean person, or something.

September 25, 2006

Jack Thompson Uses More People For His Own Gain in Lawsuit

Wow. Jack Thompson, our good 'ol lawyer buddy who is sure to post here at some point in the next few days insulting us without making a valid point, has filed another wrongful death lawsuit. This time, it's in New Mexico. This video gives the general perspective from Thompson's completely asinine accusation against Rockstar and Sony. The problem?

After looking for information during the past half hour, I can't find a single piece of evidence linking video games to the murders.

In fact, the reasons are generally horrid abuse, including being branded with a flaming hot welding rod before he finally snapped. His parents went through a tough divorce when he was only three, fought through a custody battle for eight long years, and there was even more abuse brought up by the defense team during his trial. Never once were video games mentioned, at least not in the trial or the media that I've found. If there's any link, I can't imagine how the games could even remotely be considered a cause in the face of the other things in the kid's life. Way to go Jack. You got your face on TV. That's all you'll get too.

August 18, 2006

Wal-mart stops Bully pre-sales under pressure because of policy change

John Simley from Walmart media relations contacted Joystiq to clear up the ciircumstances behind the Bully pre-order situation. Simley said that Wal-mart policy is to not carry any unrated or Rating Pending games for pre-order or sale, in-store or online. This decision was made recently, Simley said, but just reflected on the web site starting this week, hence the pulling of Bully pre-orders.
Source: Joystiq

Nice policy change. Don't want to pre-sell a 'Rating Pending' GTA or Bully to a nine-year-old. Not at all related to the Jack Thompson lawsuit, right?

August 15, 2006

Thompson wants copy of Bully early

Still sticking by the ridiculous "Columbine Simulator" angle, Thompson now is asking for a subpoena to get a copy of the game. Why not just read the previews that prove you wrong Jack?

August 11, 2006

Jack Thompson on Attack of the Show

I don't like Attack of the Show, I don't even like G4TV. Those (bleep) (bleep) destroyed TechTV. Luckily, we have YouTube, and you can watch the latest in the JT saga for free.

I would say that Sessler did a great job at yelling at Jack. I would say Jack did a great job of contributing absolutely nothing relevant to the discussion at hand. Nor did he have any new "facts" to give us. To be honest, I was disappointed in his performance.

The opening poll showing 91% of viewers saying that violent video games don't cause real world violence was quite telling. It is a shame that Mark Friedler from GameDaily was squeezed in between Sessler and Thompson, because he was almost completely drowned out.

Oh, on a related note, I got an email from JT in response to an article I did not write, Matt wrote it, on the fact that Bully might get a Teen rating.

Oddly this email did not come to my Blogcritics email -- he sent it to my Meancode account, which I do not even publish. Even more oddly, JT included Matt's article in a press release sent to the ESRB.

I may go into details at a later date.

July 28, 2006

Jack Thompson on Uncyclopedia

Lots of immaturity between some priceless stuff like:

"In 1985, he successfully sued Mario for telling kids to eat shrooms and jump on turtles. Jack Thompson was awarded 500 gold coins from the lawsuit."

"In 1991, he successfully sued Kirby for promoting homosexuality, due to the fact he was pink and he liked to suck stuff."

June 19, 2006

Jack Says He'll Sue For Calling Him Insane

While we never mentioned anything about it here on BW, Jack Thompson threatend Blogcritics with a lawsuit for a piece I wrote. In it, I called Jack insane. As such, the piece was edited even though it was perfectly within the realm of opinion, but that's another topic all together.

The irony? He sent a letter to the ESRB about their affiliation with Penny Arcade and said this about Patricia Vance and PA:

"You’re out of your mind to hire goofs at Penny Arcade, and the below proves it."

Hmm. Vance is out of her mind and Penny Arcade who donated money to charity when Jack refused per his own deal are goofs. Great double standard Jack. Glad to see you can dish it but act like a baby when it's sent back your way. Hooah!

May 19, 2006

Louisiana Passes Violent Video Game Law On Lies

How can anything in our political system pass when its reasons for existence are nothing but lies? Louisiana recently passed a bill, thanks to Rep. Roy Burrell, to keep video games out of the hands of minors. Obviously, the debate on whether or not that's our government place is other issue entirely. The problem with this bill is HOW it passed.

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April 11, 2006

Jack Thompson... comes out?

As usual, Jack Thompson has been trolling (after being banned 30+ times), spouting off racist comments, insults, and hiding behind the bible. Apparently, he's finally coming clean as to why he's a nutjob. This is interesting for multiple reasons:

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March 10, 2006

Random facts about Jack Thompson

As if Vin Diesel and Chuck Norris weren't enough, it's time for Jack to get his. Now, lets sit back and wait for a press release telling us how he has a SWAT team outside the site creator's house ready to charge.

January 27, 2006

Let's Wait For The Jack Thompson Response

Because the PSP has official porn in the US. Wouldn't it be hard to hold the system and do... err, never mind.

December 27, 2005

Jack Thompson buys Take Two stock

There should be laws preventing mentally unstable people from buying any stock, but it's Jack Thompson. Why did he do it? He wants to get inside the company during shareholder meetings and rip their CEO apart.

I think here on BW, we should have a "Jack Thompson" meter which would show how many days since his last absurd, stupid, wrong, or insane act along with a seperate meter for how off-the-wall it was.

November 19, 2005

Alabama judge tosses Thompson

Florida lawyer's request to leave case denied; judge opts to revoke temporary license to practice law in the state instead.

Earlier this month, outspoken Florida attorney Jack Thompson withdrew from a high-profile Alabama civil suit against several game makers and retailers. According to Game Politics, the judge today rejected Thompson's withdrawal, and instead kicked him off the case and revoked his temporary license to practice law in Alabama, to boot.

Source: GameSpot

Jordan was just telling me Jack Thompson has been too quiet lately. Maybe this is why.

Jack Thompson, you are a moron.

November 2, 2005

How clueless is Jack Thompson?

Amazingly clueless. So clueless he couldn't be any more clueless. Apparently, he thinks: "... Japan's Sony has no problem whatsoever dumping this garbage into American kids' brains. Looks like Pearl Harbor 2 by Sony/Take-Two.."

Yes, Take Two must have must have magically moved out of the country when we weren't looking. Here's the full, absolutely unreal story that could only come from a guy like Jack.

October 18, 2005

Jack Thompson brings self-destruction on himself

It's about time someone on the "other" side jumped in to discredit insane Miami Lawyer Jack Thompson. With this letter, sent from the Nation Institute of Media and the Family, Thompson seems to be slowly destructing inside his little ring of lies. Dr. David Walsh finally figured out it's not helping his organization if Jack is on their side, demanded the link to their website be removed from Thompson's, and things would only spiral downward from there.

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October 14, 2005

What Jack's Been Up to Lately

Update on our kooky Jack Thompson friend:

First he proposed a violent scenario to video game companies, promising $10,000 to a charity of their choice if they make his game about killing video game industry employees.

Then the National Institute on Media and Family issued a letter distancing themselves from the screwball.

(As a footnote, Mike Krahulik responded to Jack's challenge and got a nice reply.)

August 21, 2005

Must be heard Jack Thompson interview

This is funny (direct link). I think it was around the 40-minute mark where he calls Take Two racists for making San Andreas, and then calls their programmers drunken Scots who sit around in kilts drinking beer all day. Yes, all in the same sentence. The guys interviewing him start off so calm, so professional, but simply can't stand it at a few points and go off. It's impossible not to.

August 17, 2005

Interview:'s Brendon Lindsey

Brendon Lindsey was one of the countless video game players frustrated by the current attacks on the medium. Instead of just thinking to himself or posting messages on a forum, he decided to start a website. In just a short time, this published writer has created something that has received an unexpectedly huge response. This interview was conducted through e-mail to see how this all came about, and just why anti-game crusader Jack Thompson is under attack.

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August 11, 2005

Stop Stop Kill

Finally, someone is speaking out against insane anti-game crusader Jack Thompson. Mr. "I'm better than all gamers and I know more than you's" website is This is a great way to post actual truths, and rib on his website. Kudos guys for doing something anyone who plays games wanted to do.

August 7, 2005

The week in video game violence starring Jack Thompson

One of the major networks should start a new reality show on video games. They only need to look at one small portion of the industry, which would make the budget small, because that's the only one most of the nation knows about. So, in the past few weeks, Bully, Sims 2, and Killer 7 along with a few flash games have made the news.

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July 22, 2005

Jack Thompson goes nuts again

Now it's over the Sims 2, which according to him is:

"much to the delight, one can be sure, of pedophiles around the globe who can rehearse, in virtual reality, for their abuse."

Supposedly now, there's nudity under the pixelated blobs (which is what is included when the game ships) and they can be removed. Someone get this guy a Barbie doll and a copy of the original Sims which allowed nudity via mods. The Sims and Sims 2 are rated T.

July 16, 2005

The ESRB and Grand Theft Auto: Round 50... or something around there

What does the ESRB do right? Everything. Unfortunately, there are those people out there who would like to think other wise, and the controversy over the recent Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Hot Coffee sex sequence is about far more than sex in a single video game. It's a deep look at what the ESRB does, and who they are.

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June 22, 2005

Nancy Grace on video game violence

It's amazing that some people have jobs. Not just normal jobs, high profile jobs that can impact this country in a negative manner, and they have all the power in the world to do so, regardless of whether or not they're honest about it. Nancy Grace is one of those people.

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March 6, 2005

Developers To Be Held Accountable for Gamer's Actions?

Not content with allowing legal jackals like Jack Thompson to attempt to sue the freedom of expression out of gaming companies, lawmakers in Washington State want to hold the makers and sellers of violent video games liable for the actions of idiot teenagers.

House Bill 2178 would make game developers and publishers responsible for the actions of any one under 17 who commits a crime, due in any part to playing a game. Just how a person would go about proving that the law breaking was due to a game is beyond me.

Source: Komo News, Via:

This opinion piece has a point. What if you apply this same wacked idea to music and movies. But lets not stop there, what about books?

What the hell is wrong with our society that people can no longer be held responsible for their own actions?
What the hell is wrong with our government that they can no longer hold parents responsible for their own children's actions.

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